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Josey Ewards says:

What did you film this with?xxxx

Harry Hunt says:

Alfie inspires me soo much and I hope one day my channel grows like him as wanna be like him YouTube is my dream job ?I wanna be a YouTuber

Georgia CASSIDY says:

This is adorable

It'ss Mimi says:

What song was that ??

Kyla Monfredi says:

Pause at 2:05 and look at Alfie

ig.taxra_ xox says:

I was hoping they were going to blog it , but this was just as good

Liam Marlow says:

Great video. What's the song called

Margaret Moon says:

What a lovely holiday.

freya says:

we want more of these!!

ling long says:

@AllanaYour Babe song is gallant-weight in gold

Jps Vlogs says:

And the filming

Jps Vlogs says:

Brilliant video Alfie love the editing

Zoe Aamir says:

That was lovely to watch! :)

sparkle ellie says:

This vid was cool

AllanaYour Babe says:

What's this song called??

Bianca P-D says:


Ava Statham says:

Can someone PLZ tell me what this song is called

Michele Meyer says:

This is sooooo sickkkkk

gaming gang says:

that's was sooo cool and cute

Shanice Saunders says:

what are you eating alfie then Brown then back of brown stuff I literally was I feel like I'm cutting the name can you tell me what they were score

Seren O says:

where did they go

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