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MY TRAVEL ROUTINE + FLIGHT GIVEAWAY! Packing Hacks, Flying Tips + more! | Morgan Yates

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It’s travel season for me right now! With the holidays close & other trips happening, I thought now would be a good time to show you guys my travel routine (both night routine for the night before & morning routine the day of!), also ft. my favorite travel tips for packing & flying. To enter the $300 flight promo code giveaway from Student Universe (as well as get a $20 code!), click here: https://www.studentuniverse.com/morgan

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FTC: This video is sponsored by Student Universe! πŸ™‚


Lauren Ferreira says:

How do you color code your planner? What do the different colors stand for?

Paige Nikki says:

Can you add a link to where you got your backpack? Love this video! πŸ™‚

znovy7 says:

One of the best travel routine/packing type of video I’ve seen! Thank u!!

shopaholic007 says:

I’ve been really wanting to visit Hawaii!

Kara Bacon says:

Can you do a video on how you stay organized and everything you need to know about youtube?

Kelsey Brown says:

This video is so useful! I love it.. thanks!

Marissa H says:

Love how organized you are 😍😍😍

Carlisle Pinter says:

loved this what a cool video

Makela Dew says:

So helpful! Love your videossss <3

Joelle Sutton says:

Wish I was going to Germany for Christmas! It’s so magical there this time of year!!! But I’d be down to travel anywhere honestly… so many places on my list of places I must go lol

Madison Bellon says:

I want to go on a trip so bad now! haha

All About Preppy Vibes says:

I’m really loving your travel routine on packing hacks, flight tips, and other ideas so much πŸ’–πŸ˜„.

Svenja67Beer says:

Never thought of taking a picture of my planner instead of bringing it with me. Such a smart move! πŸ™‚

Samantha Bissell says:

I’d like to be entered into the giveaway I follow your social networks such as on all twitter, Snapchat, Instagram some of the places I would love to travel to is Atlantis in the Bahamas etc

Maggie Kudrick says:

I want to travel so much more, but I have no money.πŸ˜«πŸ˜‚

Madison Elyse says:

lol when i went to europe or when i go anywhere really, i didn't wanna pay for bags so i packed everything in a backpack, which counts as a personal item like a purse or whatever so no extra fee!! I just wore layers and leggings under my jeans and i honestly had enough room for 2 weeks worth of clothes, obviously id wear some things over again but overall it worked great since i didnt need a laptop or anything lol

enoch chuang says:

The outfit planning doc killed me lmao

MyLifeAsKaylin says:

I’m no longer under 26😭 but it’s okay I’m going to tell my friends under 26 to use this πŸ€—

Andrea Espino says:


Girl, i’m binge watching your videos and I feel like I know you now. Like where have you been? I love you, you’re my best friend.

mallory says:

this makes me wanna travel so bad!! i loved this!

Cee Hunka says:

My biggest issue is space in my suitcase! to cut down on clothes, I try to plan outfits with using an item 2x, I also like to eat at the airport after going through customs and I play relaxing music just after getting on the plane πŸ’—

shelbifavre says:

This is super thorough. Girl boss.

Lilac A says:

i LOVE traveling!

haleyryan15 says:

You should make a video about how you make your thumbnails!! I think that would be super interesting! Also where is your black backpack from?!

Kris Castro says:

Important tip for anyone flying through Student Universe: If you're a frequent flyer on any airline, because you book through Student Universe, the miles from your flights aren't automatically added to your frequent flyer account. If you do want those miles, make sure you claim them after the flight! Just do a quick Google to find a link to claim missing miles from your account, and all you usually have to do is submit your ticket number.

rainsoakedpavement says:

Yesss definitely going to use this for when I go to Arizona and Toronto next year

jordan schnee says:

i love travel routines that are so organized, this was great!!! id love to travel to singapore!!

samrudhi shrikhande says:

I really want to visit Greece! It's my dream destination ❀ and watching you being so passionate about Greece makes me wanna go there even more! Maybe one day I'll!☺

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