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My Travel Anxiety Tips | Zoella

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I’ve wanted to film this video for a while now and so many of you have requested it recently, so I sat down and made this (not so snappy) video which I’m really hoping will help, inspire or give you a few ideas you may not have thought about before! Let me know if you like it in the comments 🙂

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Relaxing Apps I love:
⇢ Relax – https://apple.co/2wQHZOv
⇢ Relax Melodies – https://apple.co/2k91xnQ
⇢ Calm – https://apple.co/2Ivsj4i
⇢ Headspace – http://bit.ly/2IsLFLt

Audio Books/ Podcasts that I find calming:
⇢ Harry Potter Audiobooks – https://amzn.to/2KzN9jH
⇢ Desert Island Discs – https://bbc.in/2rQrvB0
⇢ Happy Mum, Happy Baby – http://bit.ly/2Gv4MyS
⇢ Happy Place – http://bit.ly/2IwTxaM
⇢ Walking The Dog – http://bit.ly/2L71BAZ
⇢ CTRL, ALT DELETE – http://bit.ly/2wStnxN

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Thanks so much for watching and for all your continued support. I am forever grateful to each and every one of you for watching, commenting and being a huge part of this channel and this crazy journey 🙂 *all the hug squeezes* xxx


jordyn alexandra says:

I’m traveling to Europe next week from Australia by myself and I suffer with anxiety so thank you for this i will definitely take this information with me ❤️❤️❤️

Aryaman Srivastava says:

Loved the video♥️👏🏻👏🏻

Nancy Farrow says:

Zoella I love your books girl online I'm reading the pink one girl online on tour

Yas Sutton says:

Well done zoe !! Xxx

AllIdoiscomplain Girl says:

It’s great to get that you can get over your anxiety and anything is possible !

jyarnelli says:

We recently applied and passed the qualifications for global entry that allows you to bypass lines at the airport. Something you may want to look into if available in the UK.

Kate Mühl says:

I listen to podcasts when I'm home alone at night with the kids and can't sleep. I'm not really listening to it, but I find the voices calming and make me feel less alone (and less like there's a bogey man under the bed).

Evie Caldwell says:

OMG Thank You so much! This was so so so helpful to me!

Ciara Flash says:

This was a beautiful video❤️thank you

Olivia West says:

I struggle with this topic constantly and I really appreciate you for posting this. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. Love you xoxo

Khyati J says:

Your eyes look so beautiful!

Sophie Harris says:

This is such a useful video! I'm hopefully going abroad this year for the first time, and I'm so unbelievably scared. I never thought my anxiety was as bad anymore but when trying something new like this, it makes a guest appearance haha! But thank you for this vid!

Sun Aries says:

This is so helpful. I became really anxious about flying as I got older. Some really great advice here Zoe 💚 Thank you for sharing and being open. Love to watch more like this.

Megan Ryan says:

I found this video very helpful thank you Zoe, your tips were amazing and I hope I'll think about them when I'm travelling. Love you sooo much Zoe, very proud of you!!😙❤🙏

Amy Tomlinson says:

needed this video sooo much, I'm going on a plane in about a week and I just hate flying. thank you so much for all the tips and I am defo going to try them all. xx

Carla Stevens says:

I don't suffer with anxiety but I don't really like flying or the airport process, these tips are so helpful❤️

ARLVlogs says:

The whole time since Nala came into the video I kept looking around at my dogs to figure out what one was making that noise and it's Nala snoring.

Erin_ B says:

Almost 50 minutes of Zoe?! Yes please! Also a new vlog! Yesss!!

Kayla Botha says:

thanks for the tips I often get claustophobic on planes

Becky Williams says:

SO HAPPY to see this vlog!!! 😁😁. Desperately need anxiety tips. Thank you Zoe

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