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My In Flight Travel Essentials & Packing Tips! | Tanya Burr

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My In Flight Travel Essentials & Packing Tips!
Photos from my Maldives trip: http://tanyaburr.co.uk

Items in this video:
Smythson rucksack: http://bit.ly/1MbFUc3
Miu Miu sunglasses: http://bit.ly/1pBp2ql
Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay: http://bit.ly/1nCCYPa
Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream: http://bit.ly/1SFFbGG
Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream: http://bit.ly/1kz6RPp
Solid and Striped swimming costume: http://bit.ly/1pkpvNJ
Headphones: http://bit.ly/1MbI37s


Valerie Thompson says:

Flying in 2 days?

Rhea Bayliss says:

Off to Tenerife tomorrow,binge watching flight videos ✈️☀️?

Tara Dring says:

If ur reading this have a nice daynightmorning ☺️


hey how are you today

Sophia Dolbear says:

This is really useful thanks xx

Mira Ruane says:

i love how people say ruck sac haha

Emaan Khan says:

She is rich

TheCosmicCookie says:

Im Hamilton trash and i was on a marathon of these type of videos, i saw her last name was Burr and clicked immediately

pinkfairyM MSP says:

Tanya: And here is my vlogging camera! For vloging xx
Me: No Tanya a vlogging camera is something that you eat cheese with!!

Ryan Dsouza says:

Who wears a ring on the thumb

Sophie Kean says:

I'm going on a 10 hour flight in 17 days so watching all the in-flight essential videos :))

Nafisa Ahmed says:

Zoella has half the things you have

emvb71 says:

some great ideas – I specifically love the cashmere socks idea….. but unfortunately I did not see a link to them in you list of items…. can you share the brand you have as you seem to like them so much! Thanks!!

Natalie Ashlyn says:

the last time i was on a plane was in 2012 LOL

Mariyam Hussain Didi says:

Hei im from maldives

tracygee says:

Will bloggers pleeeaaase stop suggesting people bring fragrance and put it on to "freshen up" during the flight? It's extremely rude to put on a fragrance in close quarters and some people are allergic.

Graeme Vivian says:

Bev. Yes. Thanks

Allen Wingen says:

You are so beautiful!

Jessa Lynn says:

That bag is gorgeous! Loved the video

Jenin Caine says:

Leaving tomorrow

Brittney Hadaller says:

Go eat your mom

Coco Owen says:

I'm flying tin 2 days!!! so hyped !

xCapriAnderson says:

Me: Sees cute bag, clicks provided link
Bag: 1,500+
Me: sobs

E Fong says:

Thanks, this is great – but wish you had posted a list here below the video….

sunny shinee says:

You are a great person love you and love your videos!

KawaiiKitten Gaming (KawaiiPandaGaming) says:

I'm from Canada and I'm wondering if I can bring a water bottle and fill it up with water

Amy Webb says:

She must be rich jheeze

Amy Webb says:

zoe has the same headphones

Chelsea Maher says:

So helpful x

Lejla Dozo says:

What does she use to download the tv shows?❤️

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