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My Favorite Travel Tech

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The travel tech I take everywhere: a look at what’s in my tech bag.
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Inbar Zarka says:

That is a really cool scooter

Grey Molyneaux says:

Big daddy Scooter plz

Avery Cope says:

Imma scooter over here

Hans Marroquin says:

I want that scooter!!!!

Javier Holguin says:

Scooter in a comment

Turki says:

Scooter ? That's it ?

Hristijan Ljotic says:


mathieu bird says:

Scooter lolilol

Kanchana gunathilaka says:

Hey guys this is kanchana

Zade says:


Anil chirra says:

I like all the MI products. They are budget frendly. Scooter is also great.

Victor Le Personal says:

"This video was sponsored my "mi"."

Isn't every video sponsored by you?!!

Kismat Grover says:

Hey Austin,

Joan Stvz says:

that would change if i had that

abel andresen says:

Scooter bois

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