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Thanks for watching! Today my family and are headed to the beach! Come along through this short travel diary as I document our 3 day experience in Laguna Beach Ca! Hopefully you will get some Ideas for your next family vacation…or stay-cation! Capri Laguna was a fun hour and a half car ride, I can’t wait to visit again! Enjoy!

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nnjddr says:

I live so close to this and I can't believe I've never been to Newports fun zone-__– Laguna/Dana point does have my fave bch spots.

Linda O says:

I just went to laguna beach!! It was beautiful! 💕🇨🇱love from Texas

Serife Ruzgar says:

Such a nice video. Didnt get bored 1 second

iGeRP says:

❤️! Missed your vlogs!

claudia perales-hughes says:

where did you go to book that place out?? nice!!!

MayraDairyFree says:

Love it! Such a cute family ❤️

Bee Smith says:

What a beautiful hotel you guys stayed at. So awesome to see dolphins and whales swimming freely.🐋🐬

Ashley Bows says:

I haven't watched you since Jude was a year old and you were single , so happy to see you and your family back together . Also crazy how big Jude is omg !

ivi122 says:

Yay another vlog. You haven't done them in a long time. I hope you continue to do more vlogs… I love them!!!!! ❤️

Rubi Rodriguez says:

Yay I'm so happy to see you guys again, I missed the vlogs! Love your family

DianaBanana says:

I love your vlogs ☺You are the best Sonia ☺

Monica Wilson says:

Thanks for this video Loved ? I didn't know that was Jude's dad😉❤️miss the ocean was in San Diego in may ❤️❤️❤️🏝🏝

raecat90 says:

seeing the dolphins must have been so amazing!

Monica Lujan says:

that's why I don't go in pools I will not swim in 20% piss no thank

klambkin1 says:

Beautiful video of the Dolphins, love it

DJ Tanner says:

Love your vlogs! What a nice trip. Jude and Denise Reminds me of when I'd have fun with my little cousin on vaction too

Sandyy sandyy says:

That looked like so much fun!!!! And the view is amazing 😍 i need a fambam vacay soon

geekista says:

who's the little girl ? she looks just like you !!!

Barbora says:

This makes me so happy 😄❤love your family

sikupyte s says:

Wau… lucky youuuuuuuuu.. wish to go to CA one day..

ijasminlucero says:

do you have any swim suit recommendations for very busty ladies? I can't find anything that fits! I'm a 38 DD.

Sabrina Valenzuela says:

✨💋 Thank you so much for taking the time to edit and upload this. I enjoyed watching you and your family. This video was definitely refreshing and creative.
If you feel comfortable, can you please make a video discussing finances. Like, how you manage money, budget, maintain credit, build wealth… etc. You've worked your butt off and maintained incredible success with YouTube throughout the years, and I would love to know your secrets. (I'm a single, 22 year old, living on my own… but my biggest obstacle is saving and budgeting. Which is why I'm asking for a video regarding this topic. I'm not trying to be a metiche regardless your finances, I promise, I just wanna know what worked for you.)

Krysy L says:

Yessss Sonia!!!! Love and Miss your Vlog style videos. Those dolphins were so amazing. I can only imagine what it was like to be in the boat right by their side. Just Beautiful. Happy 4th to your family. Love from Sacramento 🙂

1329melissa says:

how fun of a trip! loves watching jude and denise is getting soooo big..i remember when she was tiny, man.time does fly…thank u for sharing, miss ur videos! hope all is well and stays well, god bless:)

Nora Viramontes says:

You're family is lovely! Jude is getting so big! I still remember when you were pregnant with him, then when he was a bit older and now I'm catching back up with you and he's no longer a toddler :0!!!!

Bee Silva says:

Beautiful family!

makeupluvah88 says:


LadyEMC2TV says:

Thanks for sharing. It looked like a lot of fun. 😁🤗

abie dinkins says:

You just don't know how happy I am to see you and Jude's dad (Chris) together!!!

Crystal Lopez says:

Fun video!! Thanks for sharing ❤️

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