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MONEY Q&A | Budgeting, Retirement & Travel!

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Hey! I’m Sarah Nourse (pronounced nurse). Thanks for checking out my channel! I upload new videos every Sunday and Wednesday. My goal is to motivate & inspire you to make the most of out your life. On here, you can expect content about minimalism, travel, money, & lifestyle. Make sure to subscribe!

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Sarah Nourse says:

An old school Sarah video! Super long and lots of talking 🙂 Enjoy xx Sarah

Ava Elizabeth says:

I missed your budgeting videos! Happy to see another one 🙂

Katherine Hamar says:

LOVE THIS! I have been watching your channel for a long time (long before You guys went Vegan, I think it was your closet tour before you guys announced moving back to Europe!) and I always loved your financial videos! After I started minimizing what I owned it was such a natural progression, and it's refreshing getting advice from someone who struggled at first and has figured a lot out vs. someone who has always been great with money. I can't remember numbers hardly at all but my husband and I are working toward financial freedom! Thanks for this vid!

Nora Csiszar says:

Great video Sarah, thank you for putting it together! So happy to see you smile and having a nice time!

madeline parrish says:

In preparation for moving abroad, I would also recommend seeing if your American bank has any partner banks in the country you are moving to that allow you to take out money without foreign transaction fees. If they don't look into opening an account at a bank that does. Those fees can add up, especially if you are not making a steady income in your new country.
Thanks for the great videos! 🙂

andrea7Xo says:

Thank you Sarah for the advices, thanks to you I’ve started controlling my finances and I’m one step closer to being debt free. Please keep making these type of videos! 🙂

Adayinthelife80 says:

Good advice. 'Pay yourself first' has been the one philosophy that has allowed me to slowly start building up my savings. When I get paid, that amount goes straight into my savings account automatically, and after a while you don't 'think' about it, and it accumulates step by step. Also when I knew that clear 'goal' I wanted to save towards (in my case an apartment), that gave me the push to really stick with it.

bery mod says:

Become a travel agent! 🙂 that's what I do – berenicemodrow.inteletravel.com

emmi xxx says:

Your hair is SO beautiful😍😍

Sarah Hockey says:

The double tax on us workers in foreign countries is ridiculous

Sarah Hockey says:

Brandless.com is great for cheap vegan food, brand tax drives up food prices

Keiran says:

Ok so I've had one of those days where I've been so down about where I am with life and watching this video has given me a shake to be motivated and get back to it. I started watching your videos a year ago and thanks to your content it has helped a little towards understanding and converting to veganism, embracing minimalism and starting to get my finances in order. Until I got off track and started spending again… So thanks! Time to sort it out.

Helen Mary says:

nice video and lot of information. thanks Sarah

Monika Odermatt says:

part 2 pleaaaaase

Andrea Ryan says:

Nice tips. Saving money is so hard when you don't have a lot of extra money.

Angela Bullard says:

I love you're spreading this message! I follow Dave's baby steps and love to hear others are succeeding!

Michelle G says:

I love your money, minimal, and fashion videos the most. Your financial videos are so motivational!!!

Beach Babe - says:

Totally unrelated to this video, but I remember when i started watching your videos last year and how you have changed eventually.. i cant describe it but maybe its your vibe. Its like you're eventually growing as a person and its such a good and pleasant change. Its positive! ☺️

Kelly Heilmann says:

Would love for you to do a personal budget video!

Amber Michelle says:

Yes! Please keep doing videos about money-I need the motivation! I'm also loving the minimalist fashion & makeup vids. 🙂

Pamela Maharaj says:

I would love a Part 2! I am a self-admitted nerd when it comes to personal finance so this type of video is right up my alley. I really love watching both your channels and seeing how they evolved since those first closet tours 🙂

Danica Christin says:

Thanks for answering my question 🙂 Really enjoyed this video. Totally up for part 2!

Bel S says:

Yes please, to part 2. Great video!

Andrea Heckler says:

Putting your savings away first is SUCH great advice. It's helped me so much since I started doing it! I also use the Apple Numbers app to work out my budget each month, so I can keep track of exactly how much of my salary I will save and then how much I have to spend in various categories (rent, food, going out, travel, etc) 😊

Hams Aly says:

I love your explainigggg❤️❤️❤️❤️

Melissa B says:

Thanks Sarah 🙂 I loved your old saving money videos. It's how I found you channel. More of these would be amazing!!

1-800-Chocolate says:

whats wrong with the audio? its weird

Marie Leanne says:

These are my favourite videos 😊 please do more of these! A part two and it would be so interesting to hear how you personally budget and pay yourself first 😊 xx

MsNolan12 says:

Tutorial how do you curl your hair


Wow didn't know about that ROTH IRA rule as I have never lived out of the country…that's crazy! So glad you are feeling settled!!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

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