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Me, myselfie stick and I – $1000 Budget Travel – North America – Canada & USA

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Another epic summer budgeted to perfection. Only spent just over $1000 USD in an epic 4 month adventure around Canada and USA! (I worked for a few months at an awesome summer camp)

Instagram: www.instagram.com/jordentually
Contact: JordenTually@gmail.com


Thanks for drone footage:
Kyle: https://www.instagram.com/kylebauman8/
Mark: https://www.instagram.com/markharrison4/

Music: Foxes – Youth (M3H Trap Remix)


Kedar More says:

That's call prefect video perfect energy perfect creativity perfect man 😘 awesome man

Kristen Anderson says:

Awesome video! What camera do you use?

Ohmar Ponce says:

Which cam are u using ?

Ramon Medina says:

Wow man, I have no clue if you'll see this comment but this was amazing, it was very beautiful, truly an inspiration I want to start getting into traveling:) any spots I should check out?


Hello video you very nice thanks!

Esteban Debarbieri says:

Im outside a store thinking about buying the damn selfie stick for my trip and you have just convince me to go for it!! ty!! Big hug from Chile!!

Sally Elizabeth says:

Jorden the way you were walking on the cliffs you're so crazy!!! but you inspire me so much, love your videos!

Marianne Mo says:

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Vibes of Truth says:

stupid fuckin music killed it .

flores mina says:

seems like walking on the edges is ur thing! Haha. remember when Martin asked u to stop. in little adams peak or sigiriya i think! HAHAH

Myra Comiskey says:

Where are you at 2:24? That's absolutely gorgeous.

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