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Manila Cheap Holiday – Spent just 4 USD a day😯

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Divisoria is a commercial center in Manila, Philippines which is known as a place for low-priced goods.

The origins of Divisoria can be traced in the Spanish Colonial Era when non-Christian Chinese traders are prohibited to reside and do business inside the nearby Intramuros. This led to the ethnic Chinese to set up shop in Binondo which caused the area situated near the Pasig River, to become a thriving commercial hub.

With no defined borders, Divisoria spans an area of about 0.5 square kilometers (0.19 sq mi) and is bisected by Recto Avenue. It has gained a reputation for its poorly sanitized streets and poor-quality products but with the establishment of the Tutuban Centermall in 1993, the area saw the rise of other shopping malls which was patronized by those from the relatively higher class.

Filipinos are bargain hunters and they’ll make the most value of every peso they have. Though big shopping malls sprouted like mushrooms all over Metro Manila, Divisoria still reigns supreme as the go to place when it comes to great finds and bargain shopping. It is the hub of wide assortment of low-priced goods, wholesale items and retail shopping. People of all walks of life make a trip to this “mecca of value shopping” because it offers both of cheap finds and one stop shopping.

You’ll find everything in Divisoria, from ready to wear clothes, textiles, party needs, toys, decorations, novelties, electrical supplies, construction needs, household stuffs, food and local delicacies, crafts, medicines, books, fashion accessories, gadgets, even pirated films and music. Everything that you can think of, Divisoria has it. Not to mention, it is the best place to get Chinese medicines and other knickknacks since Divisoria covers various parts of the city of Manila such as, Binondo (where Filipino-Chinese are highly located), Tondo and San Nicolas.


LuvMyLilBabe says:

man that was really fun to watch you guys travelling like locals. I need to practice and rehearse my manila trip. I will be travelling back to the Philippines for the first time in 30 years, can't wait, it will be fun and weird indeed! I do have unlimited budget but I would still love to take the jeepneys and eat at mang inasal for $1.00 LOL

Randomdaredevil says:

Thank you for the very fun and educational video. I look forward to watching more of your videos. I am engaged to a maganda Filipina and I am amxious to try some of these things with her when I go back to Manila in March. 🙂

vvik1964 says:

Greetings from Sweden, Europe. Thank you very much for your videos from Singapore and Manila. This video was very funny the Mommy Cat turn her head and checked you up, very cute.The Mommy was curious who was there at visit. Happy Christmas and Happy new Year 2018. // vvik1964

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