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Alex Field says:

Nice vlog! Mallorca and Majorca are lovely islands, ive been before! Keep the vlogging up!

Brandon N. Evans says:

Your taste in music is INCREDIBLE. If you don't mind me asking, what camera and/or lens do you use? Quality is phenomenal.

Alex Von Meyr says:

haha, them wristbands from hotel/resorts! couldn't hate them more.

cool video mate!

JVTV says:

Mallorca looks amazing! I love this vlog! The underwater scenes were unreal! Thanks for this video!

The Bad Perception Vlog says:

Great content! The footage and music go hand in hand!

DeSousaLicos says:

That looks fun, great vlog, keep going

BradderAggy says:

Nicely done man!! You're a great speaker. I still have to get used to talking on camera. Keep up the good work!

Nishant's Travel Vlog says:

Wow Shaun, There is so much to learn for me from your vlog. It is amazing to know you get so many opportunities to travel the world. I am going to be a loyal subscriber from now on.. Keep up the good work 🙂

jisse online says:

awesome view.cool vlog

theenaomic says:

So cool!!! I must go to Spain some day! Nice Vlog!

Mahki Walker says:

Wow I would love to travel. I have never traveled outside the United States but, I would love to go to the places you visit. Awesome. It has always been my dream to see the world

Ashton Kliewer says:

You have awesome quality and your videos are very nice! Keep it up!

M Zulueta says:

Love this! Need to visit Mallorca soon!

Rosa Globetrotteuse says:

Mallorca looks very interesting. I would like to go there. The Balearic Islands are so beautiful.

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