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Longest Travel Day EVER to NEW ZEALAND!! 24 Hours of Travel 😱(Honolulu to Auckland, NZ)

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We’re finally traveling to NEW ZEALAND! But to get there affordably, we’ve booked what might be the roughest travel day yet. 24 hours of straight travel to Auckland with Jetstar 😱

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Ε Γ£Ε„Ε‘ thΔ™ DΔ—rp says:

I live in New Zealand, you will love everything there

sandra caligiuri says:

New Zealand is a great place!!! We backpacked there with our 5 yr old last year and was great. Wifi is the greatest but maps.me is an app that we used to take us everywhere offline….

3.1M views says:

Looks like they are in Taupo, but its to far form Auckland for them to travel straight after a flight, like a 2 and a half hour drive? Idk.

Annie H says:

Welcome to my beautiful country enjoy your stay

Alicia H says:

Makes me tired watching you guys.

FoxGaming124 says:

Jeez my flight took like 40 hours from New Zealander to England!

Emma E says:

If it makes you feel any better, any flight route to NZ takes many hours, so it's best just to sit back and relax. It's hard, but it's worth it.

Patrick O'Connor says:

I’m just back from New Zealand and Australia. 10 hour flight from Melbourne to Hong Kong. 6 hour stop over 😭13 hours from Hong Kong to London then a very quick transit for a 1 hour flight to Dublin. A very painful 30+ hours

dee dee maynard says:

enjoy and live for us all! Thank you both for the videos!

bryn mordey says:

Can't wait!

Lenaire Jean says:

Yay welcome to my home New Zealand…Aotearoa! So stoked to have you here and looking forward to your amazing adventures πŸ™Œ

Laura Elle says:

Leaving Hawaii is always such a sad time, but I'm happy your long travel wasn't too hard on you guys. Excited to see NZ!

jason winton says:

Can you please start plane food reveiws I love that you two are totally legit. Come back to glasgow

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