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Living Under $750 in Thailand Travel Destination :Vacation Thailand $750 Cheap Travel

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Living Under$750 Retire cheap in Thailand Travel Destination :Vacation Thailand $750 Cheap Travel
Thailand travel destination vacation
Expenses For Travel in Thailand Living Like A Prince
We will look at the cost to travel for two weeks in Thailand.
From Bangkok to the Beaches.
Cost of hotels, food, entertainment and sightseeing, transportation by taxis. Travel insurance etc. etc. etc.
The hotels that we stayed at are between a 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 star rating that included breakfast.
All of the restaurants that we Used we’re on the same level of quality.
Other expenses you may experience alcohol, nightclubs,nightlife and partying. These costs are not in my travel budget here.
I will explain in this video the different times of the year that’s best to travel.
All prices that I give our for two people.
See other videos below about Thailand.

Food cost for 14 days averaged $24 a day for two people total of $336.
Hotel cost 14 days average $65 a day total of $910
Sightseeing that included temples, floating market, back River adventure, And museums.$200.
Taxis and miscellaneous transportation from the airport to the hotel round-trip $60.
Total cost not including travel insurance $1506
Add in Travel insurance $14 a day for two people total for 14 days $170
Plus travel insurance of $170
For a grand total of $1675. 14 days two people but does not include airfare.

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My wife Lori and myself sold our home and our businesses and 2006 and became the homeless millionaires. Our goal was to travel around the world and retire living the good life. We have traveled in the last 25 years two over thirty-five countries around the world.
We have been asked by our friends to start this YouTube channel to share our experiences and the tips and tricks a budget travel.
See our YouTube channel
To all our friends around the world Keep doing what you do it’s appreciated by all..


PAT H says:

Just keep in mind rainy season in Thailand goes to the end of October – that's why its cheaper. We go November 1. When we meet tourists who've been there through September and October they ask – how did you know not to come before November? The answer is RetireCheap.Asia. Thanks JC! My first trip to LOS I felt like an old pro! 555

Sam Keodouangsy says:

Have u been to Laos ? And do u have video about traveling to Laos ?

ThomasTheSailor Chubby says:

That's the Destination, The Travel is a whole other world, Prolly $1500.00 USD, or more for Jetliner to the Destination, Then, the Airport Strip Searches , 15 hours in one little plane seat, Nazi minded flight attendants, Jet food, etc,
 Thailand is Beautiful, as with many Beautiful places in the South Pacific, I stay home and watch the Videos, This is a nice video, great explanations and details of the Destination.. But I despise Airlines,

Cary Eggertson says:

I stayed in that Hotel in Bangkok. Got a bigger room for $65 Canadian on the Internet. So always shop online as its usually cheaper.

Margaret Cabral says:

what is name of hotel please
thank you

mksrookies says:

AHHH to have the funds to enjoy life. Me jealous.

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