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Living in a Converted Ambulance to Travel the World

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Carl and Maddie Live full time in a retired ambulance
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Source Footage: Carl Christy

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Simon King says:

Amazing, love the vid

Fiona Apple says:

Great job! Just clean it up well and enjoy all the storage, the space use is efficient. As a Paramedic I can tell you if there is any residual energy it's of comraderie, compassion, life saves, and humanity. Those are wonderful things <3

BikeStuff says:

cool layout but LOTS of wasted space, i would have gutted it and blocked most of those external doors. but overall its cool.

golfgtioz says:

Wow !! your van is amazing

Allen Rousseau says:

This is so cool! Ambulance's seem to be built really tough, to be reliable. They already have a great infrastructure in place to start with. What a great setup! God bless!

cupcakekawaii says:

Music is too loud and distracting. Otherwise great video.

Brittany Alex says:

Make a living where you can I guess. I rather stay in a converted ambulance than at a average or expensive hotel. So great job on the conversion. d(^-^)b

Matt Odonovan says:

Brilliant conversion looks really functional and spacious. I'd consider doing an lpg coonversion when you get to europe to keep the fuel costs down.

Emma Wilkins says:

I like to know how do you shower and go to the loo? Thanks


Hi Dylan I love the Campulance

Richard Folgado says:

This is the "First" Ambulance camper I have ever seen.  AND…I think it is a really awesome idea!  Very cool!  You have a HUGE flat roof, you could put a LOT of solar cells up there and change your batteries out for some Lithium Ion types instead; and you would probably have more electricity than you would know what to do with!  Good luck and thanks for sharing!

Sarah Tree says:

Nope don't like it. I would want to take a lot of the stuff out of it and redo it. Too much work! Ha ha!

Carol Frazer says:

When I was a young mom my parents had an old ambulance.  We used it to travel in.  It was great with little kids.  Dad had put a portable potty in it.  I've been in many ambulances as a retired EMT.

Van Kookz says:

wow, ambi's are just ready to roll….hmmmmmm

AD Cunningham says:

It's the pharmacy. Gotta keep dem narcotics locked up

andrew reid says:

13 mpg is awful. Rent would be cheaper.

J 8 says:

The world?….how bout Intercontinental U.S.

Conner lee Carey says:

Really cute couple in an awesome van. They seem genuinely happy with each other, which is great to see.

Raymond McDonald says:

Brilliant! Thank you.

Sherry Wilton says:

this is AMAZING you guys, extremely cool.

Chad says:

Nice conversion! That bar across the ceiling is used as both a grab handle for balance and hanging IV bags. The safe is of course for narcotics such as morphine, valium etc.. The seat across from the bench is called a CPR seat. I love that it has a sink. That's rare in an EMS unit. The closets outside, in our trucks at least, housed tactical rescue gear, extrication tools, oxygen tanks, firefighting gear etc..

Negative energy? Well, it's like this. Every man and woman that's become an EMT or medic, has done so out of love and a sense of duty. The depth of the character of those people and their sacrifices outweigh whatever negative energy passed through that truck. They don't call them death squads. They call them rescue squads. There's a reason for that. Any residual negative energy will be overwhelmed by the awesome positivity of the two of you. Love always wins. 😉

Again, congrats on the awesome build and you two keep doing what you're doing!

Audrey Daigle says:

What a great ideal for a camper great video

Melissa Ngo says:

Dang!!! You guys are living!! My boyfriend and I are looking at converting a uhaul truck … a lot of great ideas. Thanks for sharing!

Cam and Kels says:

thats so freaking sick! we would def be down to make a "campulance" 
kels xx

Jennifer Pinkosz says:

Safe is for narcotics. ~retired medic

David Brown says:

Great you know how many people probably died in it. You probably have a haunted camper.

darci12u says:

Love it,safe travels.

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