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Living Cheap – Tiny NYC Hotel Tour ($30/night)!

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This is a tour of a $30 NYC minimalist hotel (capsule like) in Lower Manhattan (Chinatown). I hope this video shows you guys that living cheap in NYC is possible! The tiny hotel / capsule / pods are 25 square feet (2.3sqm), which is very similar to Tokyo capsule hotels, but for me it turned out to be quite spacious. I never got claustrophobic, but in enclosed spaces everyones opinion varies. I also found this hotel / apartment tour so cool because I have only seen Tiny Hotel / capsule hotel tours in Japan! insta: iamlivingbobby


DaiXi Mindyuk says:

O.o i have on average around 150-160Mbps on internet speed at home. Never drops below 100 and sometimes goes to 200. Wow that hotel has some crappy wifi. A 6. 6. Six. Damn. And I don't even live that far away. I live in Brooklyn. Their internet provider must suck.

TheCruzanqueen says:

That isn't a normal twin size bed.. It looks half the size of mine

Tim Allen Musse says:

Literally found a place 10x better at a slightly higher cost on Airbnb

Lilith Faerie says:

A tiny apartment tour in Seattle!!!!

I play Fortnite says:

this dude is broke

Rushabh CR7 says:

Good for space saving

Maria E says:

Jews had more space at Auschwiz.

Fennec Fox says:

This is a pretty fair video…apart from the amount of times this guy says “like”!

Zeek says:

Do it in Las Vegas!!

Bryant D says:

Do it in Las Vegas ….. My city

Lord says:

$30 for a room the size of my closet…

Patrick Burke says:

3mbps is actually plenty to do a lot on the internet…

Cristian Micu says:

30$ a night? so 900$ a month? thats cheap maybe for a hotel, but nobody is dum enough to live in a hotel, in same city/town, get a rent apartment, and you'd get something really nice for 900$ a month

dont be that. you can do better for yourself and your money, dude

this is the same idea with the one who's making himself an ac unit from a fan and a box of ice and a water pump for 100$, then someone comment in his you tube he got a real ac for 115$ LOL

Aqua Juwel says:

I am so glad that I’m rich.

Spacecats ! says:

Welcome to the panic room lol

The Swizzler says:

I stayed here before, has bed bugs and you can feel the people leaning against the wall when ur in bed. Also has drop ceilings so it is loud as hell

Peytonimous Prime says:

I thought you were Brendon Urie

ColensungiiTV says:

Here in the Philippines 3mbps is good 😑😒😭😭😭

dementedbird says:

I was able to rent an entire house in the Garden District in New Orleans for $55 a night. That's bullshit I'll never go to New York

gim zack says:

Should be 20$

Mamta Priya says:

I would suffocate there😰

Bella Galore says:

If it’s 30 dollars a night that is not a good deal.. you can find a studio apartment for 1k a month that comes with a kitchen etc.

lemoisten SUCC says:

LivingBobby the Cheap Youtuber.
Oh not again…

Sophiesticated says:

sleeping in a tiny space is actually really nice, makes you feel like you're in a nest. I wouldn't mind staying at this hotel, since you're obviously in NYC to see the city, not to stay in a hotel all day.

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