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Olivia and I get our hair done. We visit an amazing school run by my aunty and do some shopping. We also finalise our travel arrangements for Abuja & Kaduna. Hope you enjoy Part 2 of our Nigeria travel vlog… Stay tuned for more!

I’ll be uploading the ‘Nigeria Travel Vlogs’ between our regular/different videos.

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Hi my name is Bibiana, I am a wife and working mum to 3 (Noah-Kehinde, Olivia-Taiwo and baby Caleb-Idowu). I am Nigerian & based in the UK.
Subscribe to my family and lifestyle channel. Here I share my day to day life, our travels, encouragement and my journey of faith, marriage and motherhood with a young growing family.

With open arms, I invite you to come and hang out with me and my little family. I hope you can grab gems of inspiration and take note of all the beautiful things in your life too!
{Caleb is 1 and the twins are 4 years old here}.

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Sharon Abraham says:

Your daughter is cute and the boys handsome. Lovely family

stylishnene says:

,Olivia's hair is beautiful. D kids sure had fun

Gopher Lee says:

Is she part Asian cuz at 3:33 her eyes look so asian. Even her facial structure too.

Ruby Suze says:

Your school looks amazing. It's so great to see people who care so much about educating our children. Nigeria suits you!

inHISimage says:

Love baby girl’s braids. She looks so cute! So does mummy.

ComedyClubE SERIES says:

Lovely family 👍

faizal♍️ says:

Ahhh I wish you hadn't cut out the clip when Olivia asked about "Why people in Nigeria don't have white faces" it would have been so interesting to hear Sam's response. I personally think that children and adults should apply critical thinking. Observe and analyse everything

Esther Best says:

God keeps bringing me to this channel. I always end up watching your video (somehow) I really love them. New Subscriber🎉💖

Paulann7326 says:

We have ShopRite in the US, good grocery prices but too many other things to tempt you. Love these vlogs, wish this was 30 minutes longer.

Esme Hofer says:

where can one buy that dress your daughter is wearing. its so beautiful. love one for my granddaughter. im in Austria. tks
Shoprite moved up far, its South African.

Son of NOK says:

Are you serious? I hope that's not relaxer on a childs hair. Typical NAIJA. Low self esteem, self hating, eurocentric, struggling to be the other, begging for euro acceptacnce. When shall we have enough confidence to rely on us, to believe in us, …NO! we have to be white validated! SMH!

Sylvia kanu says:

Lovely family. Can't wait for your Abuja video.

Mama G and Family says:

I'm really enjoying the Nigeria vlogs. The way Olivia asked that question was cute. Looking forward to seeing more! x

Maryam Raji says:

The kids want everything! They are so beautiful and grandma is lovely. Enjoyed this part!Thanks for uploading

The Radical Sister says:

That was so Lovely! Thank You for giving your audience such an enjoyable glimpse.

UK k says:

Una well done o
hope you're enjoying your stay.
That teacher abi head of school sold the school very well

Chinyere Osuafor says:

Love the way they call daddy and mummy

Nedra Nichols says:

Love you all family. Be bless from USA

Caren Look says:

Olivia is so darn smart.

Magdalene Selvanayagam says:

I love you ❤️

catey Rume says:

I swear you look a like

AllThings JUDYTV says:

Awww I love the thumbnail pic. Beautiful family. Enjoy your trip and safe travels.

Maluba Kay says:

No car seats for the kids 😲

Sylvia says:

Lol at the Lagos traffic, especially when the bikers always tries to find a way. Liv is always camera ready. Love the uniqueness of each kid. Goldenmorn is definitely a go to breakfast. As always beautiful family vlog.

Bibiana Yetty Vlogs says:

Olivia and I get our hair done. We visit an amazing school run by my aunty and do some shopping. Olivia asks her dad an interesting question. We also finalise our travel arrangements for Abuja & Kaduna. Hope you enjoy Part 2 of our Nigeria travel vlog… Stay tuned for more!

I'll be uploading the 'Nigeria Travel Vlogs' inbetween our regular videos.

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