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Leave the Laptop at Home? Tech Travel Tips!

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Do you leave your laptop at home when traveling? It’s getting more difficult to keep up with gadget restrictions around the world, but we still need to get work done while on the go. Here are some ideas to consider when trying to be productive from our phones and tablets.

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Marshall B. says:

What portable keyboard and stylus do you use and where can I find it? Love your videos btw

John Spirou says:

what is the stylus you used ?

bringitonbatman says:

Can you do a tutorial about how you pulled off the full production? I thought this was impossible! Props!

muddi900 says:


José Andrés Montero Rojas says:

I would like some more videos on this topic, I always enjoy the experience of taking the mobile gadgets to the ultimate level

Niranjan Pazhani Chamy says:

I am waiting for another real audio review or real camera review

David hunsinger says:

Juan does cyberlink have a built in audio editor? Or do you use a separate app? Thanks!

TheWatermelonfruits says:

What the stylus are you using? I’ve been trying to find a good stylus for my phone but none of them are responsive enough.

Akash Gupta says:

An iPad is a great alternative I feel 🙂 the cheaper one , but just be ready to pay for the heafty price of the app. (P.s I am an android fan , but in terms of tablet no on does it better than apple).

Liangshi Xu says:

now, imagine a foldable screen

Kyle Ruggles says:

Props G! but that's good for YOUR business 😉 Eye strain, and some things just can't be done on a phone. I type 3-4 times as fast as I do on a keyboard compared to a cramped phone.. I dunno, think of how time is a factor, you get much more done in a short period of time if you got something bigger. Space ya know?

Appreciate the vid!

Opu Ofbengal says:

What kind of phone plans do you opt for when you travel overseas? I imagine figuring that out is a nightmare. When members of my family travel overseas they task me with setting up their phones and the prices of most plans I managed to find were outrageuous.

Michael Willever says:

The lights behind you spell out “EEEEEEE”. What are your thoughts on an iPad Pro for the tasks you mentioned?

Rena Chan says:

Not carrying a laptop makes clearing security lines so much easier and a phone is much more comfortable to use than a computer on a economy seat… Although I always had 15" laptops.

I travel with my training clothes (Missy Elliot ®) without nothing metallic like belts, just drop the phone and hand luggage at the X-ray scan and go to the body scan.

Traveling with the wrong set of clothes and accessories can give you quite the headache at airports like Amsterdam Schiphol, where they'll make you remove your belts, shoes, jackets, electronics from the luggage…

Juan Salazar says:

Nice vids Juan

Anton Makov says:

It would be even better to use Chromecast and use a TV as your "screen", of course it would apply only if you have a LCD TV in your hotel room and not a CRT 😀

Souris says:

just dont pack an iPhone

Mikey Remy says:

What is your stylus of choice?

GAproductions says:

What editor on your phone do you use to edit videos?

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