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Japan Capsule Hotels! – Budget Solo Travel

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I stayed at 3 different types of capsule hotels in Japan. A small, medium and large sized capsules. They were all clean, comfy and relatively cheap – Especially if you plan on traveling around Japan solo.

Capsule Hotel Astil Dotonbori, Osaka

The Millennials Shibuya, Tokyo

First Cabin Midosuji Namba, Osaka (First Class Units)

First Cabin Karasuma, Kyoto (First Class Units)


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David Zhang says:

The prices!! Roughly $30, $80, $45 USD respectively for the ones I went to. But day of the week and location (Tokyo is expensive) are a big factor.

Kevin Cardoza says:

Literally stayed in the first one when I was in Osaka last month. It was actually pretty quiet and I slept well, although it helped that it matched up with jet lag getting the best of me so all I wanted to do was crash. As you said, it was nice but one night was enough.

Classick says:

David, I would love to see more footage of your time in Japan.

Upnomad Travel says:

Great Review!! Wish I could go to Japan one day! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Robert Reyes Ong says:

I've always wanted to try one of these capsule hotels!

Mr_Chukes says:

The first hotel looked like your own personal hell.

Daniel Stefan Klose says:

Did you travel alone?

daniiNL says:

Great video and editing, as always ;)!

HollywoodCharityAuction.com says:

Great comparison. Thank you.

JesusGreen says:

I've always been a fan of small cosy spaces, so I feel like I'd actually especially really like the first two. I think my only complaint would be the curtain doors most of these have. Don't think I'd feel like I had any privacy without the ability to lock a door (and a solid one at that). Still would definitely give one of these a go just for the experience though.

Chris Mays says:

David, did all three have a lack of air flow or was it just the first one? Very interesting video.

aji yra says:

I literally started panicking when he tried to stand up in the small capsule. Omg I would die

nonillion says:

Jesus Christ, the blue light on that first rooms TV.

varun chowdary says:

miss ur videos bro uploaded a bit regularl

XClann says:

How are the restrooms for each of these? Are they just regular public restrooms in the lobby, but with a shower etc?

Spud E. Buddy says:

I'd love to see your footage from around the city to experience more of what Japan is like. It doesn't all have to be about tech 🙂

Kieran Sheldonkelleher says:

That looks nice and cozy.

nexus 7admin Tablet says:

Bigger guy's beware – I was in Japan two years ago and because I'm 225 lbs, I found I had to make sure anyplace I stayed had an actual mattress rather than a 1" futon in some places that felt like I was basically sleeping on a blanket on the floor.

Billy Cheung says:

Nice video!

Pyridius says:

So the biggest one is only $15 more than the smallest one? That's crazy!

lucio delgado says:

Wow! Amazing1 Japan is on my Bucking List.

WushuSinned says:

Hey David this is unrelated to this video, but would you be reviewing the Secretlab chair?


GlacierXD says:

Everything is just super clean, that’s what I love about Japan.

Hotsaucedeluxe says:

Great video. Unfortunately, i'm a fancy boy and require my own bathroom.

Paul Rajkhowa says:

So soothing!!

xjAlbert says:

Thanks for this informative review! Great to learn about capsule facilities with larger units ʕ •́؈•̀

Frankie Repalda says:

How was it…I hope that you can visit Hawaii and go barefoot everywhere I go

Eric Fling says:

Why no mention of prices? Even a range, I would have no idea how much any of those would cost.

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