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Is Thailand Still A Cheap Holiday Destination?

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Is thailand still an affordable holiday destination for people or has the baht made it too expensive. In this video we look at some of the prices of hotels and vacationing in Thailand don’t forget to subscribe here https://goo.gl/oPzSeG

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Willy Jimmy says:

I appreciate you positive attitude, but I disagree. And it's not just the exchange rate, which is aweful now. The Thai people in the tourist areas are on you like flies as soon as you walk out the door. Taxis, taunts, massage parlors, always being harrassed. Every store and business is trying to rip you off. The cabs gauge on every fare.
Yes, you can enjoy the countryside on the cheap, and those thais are generally nice, but what's the point of a vacation if you can't enjoy the luxuries? I'm not staying in a hotel with no AC when it's 85 at night time, or have no hot water for a shower. I'm not gonna swat mosquitos all night. That's not a vacation. And why would I even consider going to Thailand if I'm not going to enjoy the nightlife?
The Kingdom has decided western tourists aren't welcome. Ok, fine, their choice. There are options.

Mark Brown says:

Gee you should work for TAT…if it wasn't about sex no one would be interested in coming here as I don't think the amount of single males who come here are interested in temples or Thai street food…maybe a toastie from 7. So if you want to drum up LOS in the low season, how about listing the ongoing LT/ST currency rates…🤗 probably more relevant.

Mark Hogan says:

Just a thought … It is Summer in UK now, the FX is (say) 38 THB to the GBP, so it surely is the cheapest it has ever been for Thai tourists to venture out and have a look at England? No chance, it is simply too expensive. London isn't London and the West Coast really isn't geared up for foreign tourists. Everything in between has history but no fun. I would really like it if our country would look in the mirror before slating Thailand. At least here you have a reasonable quality infrastructure (including affordable medical care if you have insurance) which the likes of neighbouring countries simply do not have, whether you have money or not. The super-rich do not care about FX rates when deciding where to go, what to do etc. For the rest of us, live within your means as best you can. In Thailand, now is not the time to go on holiday if you are English. It is the time to go fishing off the breakwater at Brighton, hoping for a Bass but at least going home with a mackerel and one too many beers 🤣🤣🤣

Frances says:

Cash machines 250 bhat per withdrawal is painful.

Frances says:

Air France, yesterdays sale 17/08/19 is 455 Euros, from frankfurt to paris then direct to bkk. return, Travel from December.

MT-Guitars says:

Just came back from Chiang Mai, so much less traffic was like a ghost town… Baht is not good, and flights aren’t cheap..

Ryan Denver says:

Thailand has got to expensive and the people are no longer friendly unless you have an endless stream of money. Cambodia for me, good luck Thailand

Michael Rourke says:

Been going Thailand for the past 18 months, been 4 times and each time noticing the difference, I think maybe come again before the end of the year and look elsewhere.

BaBa says:

Holiday ?? A couple weeks ?? Sure I think most of the comments here refer to longer stays.
I stay long time in Vietnam, not a drinker party animal, nice lady friend, no problem.
I go Thailand when I need a new Viet visa, couple weeks, no problem.

raymond blood 2nd says:

people are going elsewhere had enough of Thailand and exchange

John Sandvik says:

I prefer lo season, I can give a Thai friend a nice holiday too, and I meet Thai people.
I read the comments from those who seem to flock arround expensive tourist places with a smile, and they repeat the same about going to the Phillippines or some place where barfines and girls are cheaper, do they know it’s a war going on many places in the Phillipines?
If the Chinese can afford Thailand I can certainly do 🤓

scooby ? says:

You are wrong flights are cheaper October to November flights in August are £80 to £100 dearer go look and stop giving incorrect information

James Silverstone says:

Interesting. From my experience if you just show up they gouge you but that's in the states. Also could be "Thai" pricing. I got good last minute "secret hotel" pricing on Hotwire where they show you the star rating and general location.

Terence Clark says:

I agree with most of what you say Simon, Thailand is great for a vacation but being an expat living here I do find immigration is getting more hostile towards us.

areyouexp4 says:

it is summer in most western countries – no need to travel abroad just stay home for cheap and go to the beach – thats why its low season in summer monthes no one travels than – people travel in winter to escape the cold and the snow ( high season ) i hate to state the obvious but we all know its true

Nate Karr says:

I’d love to hear people’s advice on where to get the best airfare?

Nate Karr says:

Can’t wait to get back!! January!!!😊❤️🌴🌴🐘🐃

HispanicFitness says:

The prices for "Thai Girls" is not cheap. Plus, the exchange rate sucks!

The price for Thai Girls was cheap 10-15 years ago, but not anymore.

If I go to Thailand, it is ONLY for the girls and nightlife, so this will be my biggest expense.

Thai girls have out priced themselves.

Time to pick up a new hobby!

James says:

I just got back from Thailand and it is still pretty cheap. I stayed at a very nice hotels in Bangkok ( Le Meridien and Dusit Princess ) , The Heritage Pattaya Beach Resort in Pattaya. Le Meridien is a 5 star hotel and was like 38 USD a night. Dusit Princess was a little bit less and I would rate that one 4 stars still very nice.
Heritage in Pattaya maybe 4 stars.. the breakfast was horrible the room was more like a 3 star hotel but the property and being on the beach i would give 6 stars if i could. overall maybe 4. Heritage was about 20 usd a night. The night I checked in i think there couldnt have been more than 5 or 6 guests in this whole place and it is a huge property well over 100 rooms. they were desperate to get someone paying for a room.
I also stayed up in Nong Khai at a nice little place right beside the Mekong River. and it was about 16 USD a night. small but modern clean and quiet.
One thing. dont exchange your money in your home country or a transfer country. I was in Seoul and they were offering 25 baht per USD while it was 30-31 in Thailand at any of those purple exchange bank kiosks that are all over the place.
And Simon next time i visit im going to come visit you and the gang.

ozweird cox says:

The water tower in front of the mountains would make a good logo for your homestay.

Dennis de Ruiter says:

A arrived 2 days ago in Thailand but the prices of flight tickets surge in the holiday seison by 100%. From the end of august they drop again to normal cheap prices

Geoffrey W says:

I never travel to Thailand during peak season for all the reasons you stated in the video, I think you have just spurred me on to booking my next trip, oh and the countryside is lush and green also.

Peter Claydon says:

the exchange rate is not as good as it has been…. but lets get real… the diffrents is only a few hundred dollars on what most spend on holiday…. I have just returned from 3 weeks mostly in Khon Kaen… with a trip to Pattaya and Bangkok…. air fares for 2 plus hotels and rental car..
The whole time in Thailand cost me under $5000nz… cheap…

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