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We get asked quite often is Bali a kid friendly place, would we recommend bringing the family here? Also what can we do with them while we are there? We try to show you rather than tell you some of our favorite spots in Ubud!! of course there are many pools to choose from too that you can enjoy for a reasonable day price!!

Hope you enjoy!

Our Curious Georgia

Pondok Pekak Library: https://www.facebook.com/PondokPekak/

Share Video: https://youtu.be/0e-XuiTKA6Y

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ourcuriousgeorgia/


our Curious Georgia says:

Welcome back to the work week guys & gals!!! Hope you all had a good weekend, mom and baby are doing really well and growing lots!!! Stay tuned to the end as Jazz gets to answer some tough questions regarding her luscious natural curls!! And potty training questions about peach! Have a great day 🙂

Dorina Mares says:

Either way will be cool to meet each others kind adorable friends . I am waiting to sell my flat in Spain ,hope will be in half year, than go back in Oz , than will go to see the feel of Bali , I don't know how i will adjust throw with the cruelty , killing , eating of cats and dogs , what's your oppinion on that sad topic ???? How you can handle it ???? I soooo much hope to meet you all four sweet angels one lucky day , really hope so much one this magic day , wishing you only the best in life from the bottom of my sincere heart and vegan soul , thight hugs , love , and peace beautiful young people , sincerely Dora Mares

sebastian omar says:

hoooot daddy!

sebastian omar says:

happy family…..ilove you guys!

Heartfelt A says:

Georgia is an amazing little girl. So intelligent and happy. Great parents!

Dorina Mares says:

Oh ….you guys are just adorable , I love watching your vlogs, you re sooooooo down to earth , kind , well educated , and your Giorgy is a sweet lille angel , smart , funny , brave , I m running out of words , hope to meet you one day in Ubud , if you 'll still be there . Lots of hugs , peace and love from Dora , Tenerife.

Heartfelt A says:

I love watching your little family. Wonderful little girl.

Melanie Davenport says:

Georgia is such a peach! I could listen to that giggle all day! She is certainly a great advertisement for vegan childhood! She's healthy and sharp as a tack, good job Mom and Dad! Now for number 2!!!

Glenn Abadilla says:

I always look forward to each release of your video. Now I'm thinking of doing the dame thing with my family since my daughter is the same age. By the way, what program do you use to edit your videos and what camera equipment do you have?

HM Truong Anh Thu says:

Good place for kids

43copacabana says:

I love you guys!You give me hope and make me happy!❤❤❤

Hun Hun says:

Love this travel vlog! 😍 we just did a travel vlog of Menorca on our channel and it was so fun to film

Diana Marchand says:

Hi – it is me again!! Did you need any shots to go to Bali? Indonesia? (From Canada too) – thanks so much!

Jeana 715 says:

I don’t believe in forcing the Vegan culture on defenseless children. New studies prove that animal protein is very beneficial for brain health in children. And is not harmful! I think your daughter looks malnourished. And I noticed her hair is very short and thin for her age. I think you’re awesome ppl, and I’m not trying to be judgmental, it just really concerns me that you’re so close minded about true health needs. They’ve done studies on Vegan’s And Meat eaters, and the meat eaters were no less healthy than The Vegans! The Vegans had just as much Cancer and etc health problems as meat eaters. I know a Physicians Assistant who’s husband is an Oncologist, and she’s Vegan, however she still feeds her kids eggs and mostly bird protein, like chicken and turkey. Also, she ate the same, despite her views, while she was pregnant, because she’s very intelligent, and realizes how crucial meat proteins are for development in children. Also for overall health. She wants her children to make their own decisions when they’re old enough. I truly believe that forcing children to be Vegan is a definite form of abuse, and I pray that you’ll reconsider for the sake of your daughter, and her long-term health. God Bless!!

Epic Animal Quest says:

I really miss having a library, where the children can borrow books.

Suraiya islam Aporna says:

Now where r u live

Suraiya islam Aporna says:

I love u(baby)

Khoirotun Nafsi says:

Cute little baby 😍

Marisa Montgomery says:

Great video! Jazz, I totally get that bun thing lol. I've been rocking the bun for like ten years now. I never wear my hair down! The last time I wore hairspray was on my wedding day and i couldn't wait to wash it out and put my hair back up! 😂

Make Today Pretty says:

Have y’all heard of communication elimination?? It’s about learning what signs your infant gives when they have to go pee or poo! The Love Conscious Family on YouTube has vids on it! AMAZING!

Jilly Bean says:

I don't know how it's possible that Georgia gets cuter and smarter everyday 😍😩🙌🏻👣

Down Under Life says:

Stopped at that library with the kiddos when we were in ubud..kids loved that the local kids had books..we are a HUGE book lover family

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