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Indian Road Trip/ Picnic Food Preparations ll Indian Travel / Trip Food l English Subtitles Added.

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In Today’s video I will be showing you how I prepare whenever I go on a road trip. What food items I carry with me and what other options you can have in case you like to cook for yourself.
So I am carrying with me Caramalised Foxnuts ( Makhane), Puffed Rice, Sandwiches, Paratha, juice, tea, roasted chickpeas, chips, fruits etc
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shyamali nag says:

I luv ur snacks ideas……vry helpful video


Love the vedio but didnt understand and no eng subtitles

Anuja Ghaisas says:

Hi, very helpful video. Thanks for sharing.

Spruha Sanghavi says:

You can also make thepla without methi. It tastes really good.

Usha Lakshmi says:

Nice ideas! your husband and children are really lucky to have you! Have a gr8 trip

Mohsin Ahmed says:

Hi I'm farzana didi …i like ur videos very much. I'm big fan of u….may bhi USA may rahti hoon, may jab bhi aap ke videos dekhti hoon,to aisa lagta hay , aap mere friend ho.aur bhuat acchi guidance milti hay.. thank you so much , always God bless you…

hiddenpearl22 says:

Isn't it too much work? Vacations ka faida kiya itna paka k le jana ho tou and who eats that much in a car?

Md Ayub Ali says:

thank you mam 💗💗💗

Khursheed Jahan says:

Great! I was looking something like this

A Jo says:

This was really helpful . Can you show us some recipes for pregnant women that are healthy and good for the baby? Thanks a ton! Love your videos 🙂

Blueberry Incense says:

You cook spicy food inside your house. Doesn't the curry smell linger indoors and seep into the walls? I cook Indian food in my garage because of the strong smell. I have been to plenty of Indian houses with a strong stink of curry because they cook indoors.

jas jivani says:

very nice.this will help .thanks

patriotic190 says:

Hi, sandwiches ko crisp kaise rakh sakte hai …those der baad soft ho jaate hai aur maza nai aata

Arundhati Banerjee says:

Have fun…Enjoy your vacation

harjap dhillon says:

Very nice and helpful video Anu ji ,

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