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i went on the cheapest flight in the world – only £5! | clickfortaz

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ClickForTaz says:

can not believe i managed to find a plane ticket for £5?! talk about a BARGAIN!..watch out for episode two tomorrow..i hit many more new lows 😂😂

thanks for watching guys, appreciate all the love. see you tomorrow x

4ever AD says:

what website is this

Isaac Brooks says:

They probs thought u were going to fillm a porno in there

xjahxsehx _ says:

It’s ok Taz, I’m scared of plane toilets too. When I was 5 I got trapped in the toilet (not the actual thing) and my mum was standing right in front of the door, I thought the toilet was gonna suck me in and kill me. Now I’m 13 and I get my mum to flush the plane toilet.

Sophie_queen 234 says:

Ryanair, (are a very cheap company)has very dangerous flights and you are very lucky to be alive. Most of the time Ryanair’s planes fall from the sky and many people have died from their planes. They are also VERY racist. Ryanair normally book more seats then to be needed which means not everyone can get a seat so they send people of the plane and because they are racist most of the time the send black people of.

X.jaz_ Bailey_.X says:

This is the 5th time I watched this video xoxo

Hollie Rose says:

What website did she use to book the flight, anyone know? 🙂

Kitu Acharya says:

So I think the 5 pound is because of EU (European Union).

Of course I might be wrong . Little do I know that I might be failing my social studies and I know that I am failing my social skills with my social akwardness which comes because I am an introvert. Sort for ranting?

Fauzia Zainab says:

Taz: "That's actually big"
***That's what she said ***
Me: ****DIES****

Mario Passerone says:

Woman travels from England to Spain. Kids today need to get out more. It’s about as challenging as a bus trip to the next City. ❄️ ❄️ ❄️ can’t even open a bloody door with a key. SMFH

marzia ahmadi says:

What is the website name

Yordan Nikolov says:

There is a flight from Bulgaria to Israel for 1 Euro 🙂

PixieNay says:

What ethnicity is she

Zoe S-B says:

immediately looks on Skyscanner

Edits by Jema says:

If I wanted to fly from my main cities airport to another city in my state it would cost $230 for the 45 min plane ride or I could drive there in 3 hours lmao

Jlittlelife says:

it looked like a stressful experience, but for £5 you can't complain really

djmasterdj says:

How uninformed can you be not to know that Roaming doesn't exist anymore in Europe? Which means that you paid the same for the phone call as you would have paid in your own country ..

Sandrin says:

Where’s the jeans jacket from ?

Queen Bees says:

Lol don’t use skyscanner if living in Australia and New Zealand bc too expensive for my broke ass 😂👌🏽

The Ghost says:

i had great fun watching this. the editing was top quality, and you are hilarious! wouldn't have known about you if you didn't do a video with simon wilson. i'm a new subscriber now. you're ace. x

Amirah says:

Why was the whole door situation me when I went on holiday 😭😭

Jessica Cheetham says:

Hello I'm practicing typing with nails on btw I'm 11 soooooo ya

Adib says:

It cost me £300 return on a flight from Glasgow to Dublin for 5 days with Ryanair. And they call themselves cheap

Tasneem Mohamed says:

what the hell

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