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I Spend The Night In The Cheapest NYC Hostel. ($45) OMG.

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I Spend 24 hours In the cheapest hostel in New York City — Deep in Chinatown. Tweet Me! https://twitter.com/BostWiki


Blake Hawes says:

Fantastic work, I'm glad I stayed subscribed.

Adrian Antony Pieściński says:

Seems like most places in London 😂 Basically most of the flats and rooms 😂

House of farts says:

It’s right next to an at&t too wtf 😂

Holly Lee says:

it's just like my dorm room

DARKNESS Aguila says:

Does it have wifi?

Ben G says:

You got bitten by bedbugs and it's now on your clothes. You go home and bedbugs will migrate comfortable in your bed. The pirice you have ot pay.

Ben G says:

"I can hear everything they are saying about me" LOL

ro sita says:

I stayed there for 2 nights, I liked the location in Chinatown, do not stay here if you need to sleep, doors slamming all night long and very early in the morning, no tv, dirty, I did see a bed bug in my pillow, you get what you paid for, you gotta be open minded to stay here

Shandra Matthews says:

Hahahahaha yesssssssssss honey. For $45 you definitely was going to be logging with bedbugs too. LoL

sluttyfrogmagician says:

Is this the cheapest PRIVATE room? Because I've got to figure there are dorm room hostels even cheaper.

ana garcia says:

So I think it’s called The New World Hotel no? If not, then I stayed in a “hotel “ exactly like this one and, luckily I didn’t have bedbugs in my bed but I had a guy in the room next to me sleeping with the door open. He screamed at me when I came back to the hotel at night; it was terrifying.

Rusty Shackleford says:

$29 Airbnb Brooklyn

Brian Pacini says:

Great Video!

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(one million dollars)

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