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I Found Europe's Cheapest Hotel! 🇧🇾

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🇧🇾 Always wanted to travel to Europe but can’t afford it? Well I’ve discovered a place everyone can afford. Whilst travelling through the provinces of Belarus I stumbled upon a hotel that wouldn’t break anyone’s budget. Welcome to what must be Europe’s cheapest hotel.


Glen Atchison says:

Look at all those seating areas! So many nice spots to have a drink, play the guitar, and discuss WWII in peace.

Jack says:

Cleaner and nicer than a €100 room in Paris.

Sergeant1990 says:

I get really uncomfortable when seeeing this i dont know

vbtktr says:

Hotel is very good. The word "cheapest" is derogatory please call it best budget hotel in Europe.

Mukut Biharee says:

Looks like you are only alone in that place so even if u u pay 1$ that is income for hotel.

African Electron says:

Love the channel dude

WildStarvingWolf says:

Dude, you're the only guest there. I thought a serial killer was going to chase you around at some point.

Nai the fish Guy says:

Bald, how come everywhere you go in Russia, it seem like no one is around? Russia is not popular for tourists or what?

Rainer Schwachsinn says:

plz make your sound mono next time, thx 😉

Enemy says:

I actually guessed $5 then changed my guess to $4. 🙂

Gus Tamer says:

Doesn't look too bad. Cheap doesn't man it's bad.

Ed's adventures says:

Someone tell Wes Anderson

GoyMeetsWorld says:

I have seen rooms much worse than this in the USA

Ernest Hamm says:

omg $120 a month give or take! that's like 1 night here in NY at a cheap hotel lol!!

Hugo Hernandez says:

You made it to Univision haha

Dimitri says:

Well, it is interesring that you like all the soviet era infrastructure. But please imagine living your life in a big city where everything looks like this. It is depressing, i would give up anything to live in england and to run away from moldova, but you seem atracted to this soviet shit.

Spencer Eagle says:

The hotel interior is the same shade of green as Soviet tank interiors, there must have been a factory nearby?

happyLove555 says:

Your cynical humor always hits home

Alex Creed says:

im finna slide in

Swordman Swordman says:

Can You tell the site, where the hotel is? (I'm from Belarus)

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