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I can now travel

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So….Who wants to have a geograbee?

Check out http://www.GeographyNow.com ! You asked for merch so we made it for you!

We now have a Public mailbox too! Feel free to send anything via mail! Our public mailbox address is:

1905 N Wilcox ave, #432
Los Angeles CA, 90068

SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/1Os7W46

BTS info and tidbits? Check out the Facebook fan page:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/geographynow

Instagram: http://instagram.com/GeographyNow_Official

Become a patron! Donate to help pay for production of GN including Ken’s salary. You also get exclusive BTS footage, pics/ and access to other perks! Go to:


Countries A to Z: http://bit.ly/1T8Z9JY
Europe: http://bit.ly/1YoRaIB


Welcome to Geography Now! This is the first and only Youtube Channel that actively attempts to cover profiles on every single country of the world. We are going to do them alphabetically so be patient if you are waiting for one that’s down the road.

CONTACT US if you are from a country that is coming up! Teach us! Email: GeographyLater@gmail.com

Stay cool Stay tuned and remember, this is Earth, your home. Learn about it.


Geography Now says:

Wow So many cool things happening. It's a Christmas miracle. GET READY BECAUSE NOW GN CAN TRAVEL ABROAD FOR INTERNATIONAL GEOGRABEES! If you'd like to submit your school or community, send in your 1 minute or less video to GeographyLater@gmail.com. OR If you know of any good ways to donate to the Central African Republic please send info as well!
Otherwise, Merry Christmas and happy new year!

Mohamed Bawath says:

Come to Incredible India, largest democracy, highest english speaking next to USA, expenditure also less, lot of subscriber from here, i think so.๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Alucard Helsing says:

Go to Mexico, you done America and Canada, time to go to Mexico. This way you done the three biggest countries in North America.

Najeeb rajput says:

Sir please reaction in Pakistan country..

Nandhu R Chandran says:

Merry Christmas from India ๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡

PushTheMidcard says:

Hey Barbs, you should come visit us in New Jersey! We're not a toxic waste dump (even though we have a lot of them), and there's so much fun stuff to do, like the beaches, Great Adventure, and my personal favorite, DOWNTOWN Asbury Park!

Ivan Dragonpunch Rubio says:

Just a quick question, when are you going to make a Philippines Video? I think its about time.. The Philippines just won the Miss Universe,will that count as a good reason for a video? Hehe Anyways…Keep up the good work!

Rade Jaลกiฤ‡ says:

Come to Belgrade

Revolt says:


yellow lucario says:

If you are doing a geograbee in the Flamish Brabant (Vlaams Brabant) I am willing to take care of acomedation for you guys. I am sadly enough unable to host one but acomodation won't be a problem

Ali Ali says:

@Geography Now
I think that it is amazing that you are donating money to charity. I would donate either to the Central African Republic because of the reasons you listed or to humanitarian aid in Syria because of the war there.

Vikram Tapadia says:

How about India? T-Series would have won by the time you come tho

maqosle Maquuste says:

Yeah I am from car. So you can sent the money to me. The. Iโ€™ll give it to the people who need the most. Done deal okey bye!

Lakshya Sharma says:

Please do a geograbee in India!!!!

Marco Polo says:

i was a volunteer for duolingo.

cjayx says:

I am so happy you are doing well!! I love your channel, and I watch every episode hoping that it's getting easier and easier to do the things you love!

I am Anonymous says:

Is there a subreddit for Geography Now?

Also, hey Ken, Philippines won Ms.U and a lot of Filipinos are going crazy.

Himanshu Katira says:

Come to india

crya_ says:

The greatest crossover in history since madagascar

Leijona says:

Tervetuloa Suomeen!

Sherlock Holmes says:

India always welcomes Americans.

Nushrat Hoque says:

Merry Christmas and Happy new year

Gorzux says:

I will give you a recommendation. Travel to Iquique during the Christmas festivity (Like since the first week of December to 12.25). Good luck B) Investigate a little if you want. Here we have really cool traditions

Maxim Waisberg says:

Go to Israel.

Atomics says:

Come to South Africa!

Johnny Boi says:


Janco van der Westhuizen says:

Come to South Africa!!

Resha_indiamorenita Altman says:

I know someone in the Gambia u can stay with

aliaH says:

Happy Christmas and a merry new year

Voca Channeru says:

Wish you come to some country here in South America
It would be cheaper for you as well.

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