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How We Got Cheap Airline Tickets for Flight to Hawaii – Only $313.50!

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The sole thought of airline prices can easily deter a family from dreaming of stretching their dollars further to travel. However, there really are great deals out there to help you capitalize on the benefits of travel. Traveling provides an opportunity for individuals and families to grow and experience a unique environment that may be outside of their comfort zone. It helps to shape a holistic worldview, to more accurately put life into perspective, and to create a sense of gratitude.

Not to mention, it’s fun! I grew up as a military brat traveling around the world. I am eternally thankful for those experiences that came from living, growing, and learning in multi-faceted environments. So when it comes to traveling now, on my own dime, I am always looking for deals to help us do so without sacrificing the overall experience.

Trent and I were able to travel round trip to the Hawaiian Islands for nine days while visiting FOUR of the eight islands – all for under $2,000 per person (full story link to come).

One of the biggest advantages for us was scoring $313.50 round trip tickets per person – and you can too! Here’s how to do it…


Samuel Billy says:

I wanna go to Hawaii it’s just the plane tickets for 4 are way to expensive for my budget

flights bird says:

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Emily Clarke says:

Guys you can also call Toll Free +1-888-206-5328 for cheapest bookings to Hawaii and also grab exclusive discounts.

Josseline Chavarria says:

What websites were you using

Alex Ortiz says:

This video was such an eye opener ! Thanks for all your information … are y’all still putting content out ? I would enjoy more stuff like this !!!

MTVERNON70 says:

You're both such a lovely couple! Anyway, my husband and I have been trying to fly to Hawaii for the longest, but those flight prices are ridiculous. We wanted to go this past May (our anniversary month), but again, flights were too pricey. So, do you both live on the west coast? I'm on the east coast and I can't seem to find the prices you did even during the non-peak season for Hawaii.

Marvin Carter says:

Thanks me an my wife planning on going in the near future'

Kara El says:

You guys are beautiful together. Thanks for sharing.

Loria Figgins says:

Thank you for sharing, because I and my husband are trying to plan a trip there: I will be trying your method.

Elly Wills says:

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Nappy, Happy, healthy says:

How did you guys get around while in Hawaii?

Kurt Wagner says:

Beautiful couple. Beautiful advice. God bless you.

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