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How We Find VERY Cheap Flights – Real Advice!

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How We Find VERY Cheap Flights – Real Advice!

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Phat So says:

fantastic tip, mate. thanks.

abnr1983 says:

There's an even bigger burger you can get in northern Mindanao! You should contact Kyle Jennerman (Kulas) in YouTube!

Elly Bearne says:

incognito dosnt work any more use DuckDuckGo it doesn't track you. also tunnel bear to change your country IP and Kayak hackers fairs there better than skyscanner because they add baggage to the cost. Also book a flight to leave and cancel it within the 24 hrs or change it and you should get your money back.

GulfLander says:

I dont think thats a mosquito. cant remember the specie, but it looks like mosquito big version., but it will not bite, only breeding season.

SDB DB says:

great tips very useful!!

Sheena Rose Solero says:

Thanks for the tips! 🙂

jollous tagud says:

This is the best travel tips u guys ever shared. Even if you guys are in my home country I'm learning even more..

Joey Hodapp says:

Just watched you guys for the first time… been to philippines twice for fiance… switching the currency and location mindblown…. hit up davao and samal island…

pastime place says:

I just Followed your Twitter now @lucydagostino_ your hubby finding it now I wl follow him also I enjoy watching your vlog …

jo bo says:

Wow I thought I know skyscanner very well but changing regional setting will completely change the whole thing. it's very handy to remember in future bookings

Greg Araujo says:

We have burger!!! 🙂

JinO Chil says:

That burger actually looks really good and presentable for its size. Most would look soggy but this one's …perky lmao. And that patty woah

JinO Chil says:

I really like George's shirt ugh

JinO Chil says:

I honestly only came here to see if you got the Armageddon burger

Darrall Hodgson says:

Lol I never known anyone get excited at the same time nervous about a burger!
Great content there so much to take on well done to 16k subs

Mark Sanders says:

This is really informative.. I'm taking notes. 👌👌

Lucky Jazzy says:

Holy moly that's a massive burger I've ever seen. 😂 Thanks for the tips guys. ❤

fixeuskeane says:

Great tips!

Greg Goodwin says:

Guys, you have to stop using Bookings, in Asia Agoda is cheaper almost every time

Strikhedonia says:

Love your vlogs and your editing is sick. How did you get the cinematic style for the pool scene? I want to get better at editing, I think I am using the wrong software lol

crischannel says:

wow such a great tip on how to find a cheaper flight! am really feeling the positive vibes here. 🙂 and that burger was just to huge! that might be a whole week meal for me. LOL

be safe guys! ciao! 🙂

Kay Flip says:

Here's a tip if you need an onward flight in Asia – book any American carrier then cancel the tickets right after. All American airlines by US law are required to provide a full refund within 24 hours, so you have to make sure to cancel it immediately. That way you have your onward ticket, you're not tied down to a specific date and you lose zero money. Delta airlines is the easiest to do this with as you can cancel your flight right on their website. They fly all over Asia too and have many connecting flights around Asia.

Smooth Criminal says:

That BURGER tho!

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