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How We Did a 4-Night Family Vacation for Only $490 Total!

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I’m always getting asked how we go on so many family vacations, how we afford vacations or tips for budget travel. So today, I’m sharing how we did a 4-night family vacation for only $490 Total! So if your family wants to put together a cheap summer vacation too, use these budget travel tips to get you started. Affordable vacations are totally possible!


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🎥Cheap Road Trip Hacks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnWkk206QR0

🎥What’s New at Disneyland? Guardians of the Galaxy and Summer of Heroes Information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbJqSkpud-0

🎥Best Swimsuit for YOUR Body Type: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atMElC0ftow

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The Melea Show says:

What ways do YOU save money on vacation? Share them below so we have a lot of great ideas!!

Assala EL says:

I wish I saw this before!!!!!!!!!

MMS Alketbi says:

😫😫😫 I hope that I saw your video before we spend 2000AED which is about 550$ for just 2 days .

Maria Turcios says:

Thank you for the info, it was very helpful!👍

eloise ty says:

great tips👌

Slime With Nattaly says:

total going to watch again

lamiya graham says:

Wow that's nice imma tell my mother thisssssss

Emelie Larson says:

Spending 5 days with my extended family is not my idea of a vacation! Your title tricked me! Haha!

Toenicka McAdoo says:

I loved going on a vacation

breann thomas says:

my daughter loves rock's like I did at her age

breann thomas says:

That's so awsome wish I could get away!

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