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How we afford full time family travel in 2019! Not a Vlog: 1

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Hey guys, here it is!! It is THOROUGH, lol, but we’ve answered every single question that has been asked of us about HOW we afford to travel full time with our kids. Full time travel as a family is possible! Honestly, if WE can do it ANYONE can do it!! We mean it! We’ve listed time markers below so you can go straight to the information YOU need. Hope this is helpful!! Please subscribe for more info like this.

45:52-46:56 If you hear just one thing please hear this!

0:49 Initial money
2:07 How do we keep going? 1st part of monthly income & actual $
2:56 Our promise and disclaimer
3:25 Western Europe budget
3:55 Most expensive month
4:55 Accommodation or housing costs
7:04 House and pet sitting
8:02 How we get discounts on housing
12:01 Earned Income! Actual numbers. 😉
13:32 Our “there’s no way WE could do that” story.
14:45 Brainstorming ideas & options of how YOU can do it too!
19:56 Work. How much & is it better than a “real job?”
21:10 Balancing work & travel
23:10 Planning ahead vs being flexible and spontaneous
27:22 Excursions
27:54 Affording excursions
30:50 Splurge
33:17 Food: Cook at home or eat out?
38:00 Medical & Dental care
42:07 Do we ever feel taken advantage of as a tourist?
45:30 Set time frame our money would last?
47:15 Transportation
49:30 Do we have plans to come home?
51:07 The sacrifice: current truth.
52:19 Future homeowners? Dreams revealed
54:06 Wrap up & our wish for YOU!

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Hey, by the way! So…we are worldschoolers. Don’t know what that means? Worldschooling means different things for different people, but overall and in general it means that we are teaching our kids about life hands on through experiences as we travel around the world. Our motto is “We Travel, we Learn, we Love, & we Serve.” And we try to do just that as we move around this beautiful planet seeing new things, making new friends, trying to leave it a little better than we found it and experiencing other cultures first hand. It’s an amazing trip, this life, but of course it also has it’s downs. This is still our “real life” with kids arguing, tears, hurts, downfalls and the like. We always try and “reboot” our attitudes and get back on the road with a happier attitude. It is a choice!

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The Wallace Reboot says:

Hey!! Did you hear anything surprising, what was it? And if this video was helpful to you at all, we would REALLY appreciate you sharing it! Thanks so much guys! xoxo

The Noel Gang says:

Thanks. Checking out VIP Kid today!

Tamyra says:

This is my second time posting on this video, but IDC lol you two are so inspiring. I am traveling abroad with my two children in Sept and Everytime I start feeling like I can't do it because of whatever reason I watch this. You two make me feel like I got this and I can do this. Thank you again.

Ash S says:

Very informative video. Never heard of VIPKids until I heard you speak about it. Its so perfect! Can you make a separate video about your experience with VIPKids and what that was like?

Frog & Moon says:

Are you guys coming to Laos?

The Noel Gang says:

You guys are awesome! I appreciate your tips and information. I can’t wait for our adventure!

Tamyra says:

Just subbed !! You two are so down to earth and inspiring. Thank you so much.

TaMia Mendez says:

Tell us more about VIPKID. I’ve applied and am preparing for the demo. We’ll be traveling full time starting in September! Thanks!

We Adventure With Disney says:

Hey!! Love your IG Stories and just found you here on YT while searching through "family travel" videos! Keep it up… love your insight!

James Ewing says:

Great video Wally.

Traveling Holmes says:

What a great video!! Thanks for all of the info you guys. We're going to seriously look into going to Albania now. 🙂

Cindi Allain says:

Coming over from Knopf and South!

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