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HOW TO VISIT NEW YORK CITY ON A BUDGET// I explain you exactly how to travel to New York City if you are on a very tight budget or if you don’t want to spend all your savings on this one trip. New York is an expensive city, yes. This doesn’t mean that you have to necessarily spend a lot though. It is absolutely possible to enjoy the city and your trip while spending a modest amount of money. I was able to travel there for 10$ a day, so I’m the living proof that visiting NYC on a budget is possible!

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New York Bothanical Garden and Roosevelt Island vlog https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dinfzkLfQSE

Happy Hour in NYC by Here Be Barr https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJmrIkNzn0Y&t=52s

5$ lunch spots in Midtown Manhattan by Here Be Barr https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBi0BJii6T4

Having a fun night in NYC for 10$! Vlog https://youtu.be/zGan8R5cmH8

Visiting Chinatown, World Trade Center, Brooklyn Bridge and Ferry Boat to Staten Island https://youtu.be/kwCpsSnhbf0

COUCHSURFING informative videos https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLn9YKWH2mmStaVj1w2HvU4IjfT8bOI6r

HOW TO TRAVEL CHEAP IN EXPENSIVE PLACES https://youtu.be/Bc9tgmdvfwk

How to travel cheap in Norway https://youtu.be/fTXanehuPU8

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The Sugar Connection says:

Great video! Thanks for the tips!!!

Matias Arizu says:


Perseo Eridano says:


no way` jose says:

Wheres the tip of just putting whiskey in an arizona bottle and walking around or talking the train with it

Chris Gonza says:

Your cute you said 7 eleven (: lol

The Twisted Sisters says:

Great video. Very informative!

Perseo Eridano says:


Jack The Lad says:

Good video…thanks…

GR3G66 says:

Great video, will be getting married in NYC next year so budget is defiantly required. I will check out the rest of your videos on NYC👍🏻

boudha duvingtneuf says:

Thanks for the info ! Nice video ! At 14:56 I guess you wanted to say 9/11 no ? 😂

Paul Paterson says:

Can i buy a Slurpee at the 7/11 memorial?

Roger Millo says:

Is there any chance we can also join you for your next trip ma'am..??

Potato Farm says:

This video was packed with very useful and accurate information! Thank You!

jose uribe says:

This is awesome. You rock! Beautiful eyes

Valentina Reyes says:

Hiiiii Mary Jane I highly recommend paying $1 for the Museum Of Natural History and if more attractions are needed I would buy the sightseeing pass in which you can choose the amount of attractions you want to use. I stayed in Brooklyn and found a place of $1.25 pizza, it is in front of the fulton street (A line) station idk how to explain but it was really good. I hope I can go back again, I loved NYC.

Kewho Min says:

Great advice! New York is beautiful, but it's very expensive. Thanks for sharing!

Adelchi86 says:

7:06 "Domande al nutrizionista" is not amused.

j laksono says:

Thanks! Great info for our trip later this year.

Kamran Ali says:

Love the video however, as a local I will say a lyft or Uber is not that cheap. It will take $30-45 to get to borough to borough. But love the video!

Ole Dragland says:

Great value packed video 🙂 I think it was 9.11 not 7eleven 😉

seza toto says:

Thank you so much it's really nice & organised video

Karen Hanania says:

I really enjoyed this video, very helpful and well presented. Great job Mary Jane!

DeAn H says:

Expert in budget traveling – basically means Cheapskate 😂, btw theres nothing wrong with having a budget im all for it, i just wanted to male a joke, dont reply with stupid angry comments and stfu.

Fotostrasse says:

cool video!

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