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HOW TO VACATION FOR CHEAP | 3 Best Travel Apps | Cheap Tip #269

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Time for some fun in the sun…

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Flight: Expedia
Room: Air B&B
Car Rental: Turo

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itsmichelle says:

omg you met willam!! how was that

Mr. Johnny Waffles says:

I just got back of vacation and now you making this viedo

vtooky81 says:

Was that Willam? Heeeeyyyy 😁❤️


Cheapest flight search I found is Cheapflights.com. Never failed me

ebania varon says:

thanks for the great tips Rob and omg I died at "don't look at my undies: ur too cute

Will Esco says:

wow nice bro yoo u definitely gonna save me ma money yo those apps I knew but I wasnt sure but I'll take your word… Thanks for the advice is gonna help me when I go out with my girl to chi town … take care and keep making the BEST VIDEOS YOOO!!!!

Lori Wiesman says:

I'm glad you had a great time.happy that you enjoyed your trip . ☺ 💗

Jonathan Stamper says:

Doing the 3 day weight loss diet and just started…not too bad so far. Just subbed and thanks for the entertainment!

yana alsree says:

You deserve million subscribers

Reva Benoit says:

Thanks for the tip on Turo 🙂

Tara X Smiles says:


Alexander Rodgers says:

where did the blond go

Ginger Devonshire says:

Am in my underwear! don´t look at me!!! LOL you killed me with that ending

it'sthe3 jay's says:

I love this video

ReviewFever says:

"You guys are pervs".
My eyes got wide "how does he know!?"

William Arevalo says:

you're actually really fucking funny dude lmao

Tonia Day says:

Thanks I really needed this for our trip to Denver Colorado!!🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙏🏼💯💯💯💯💯

SuperAngrykoala says:

Hahah I kept cracking up at the timing of your sips lol Rob, you really are one of the best on YouTube. Another great video. And good timing…I need to plan a little trip myself!

miseriacanterai says:

love you Rob!! have fun in L.A. 😙

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