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How to Vacation Cheap in Chattanooga Tennessee

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Chattanooga, TN- Family Fun Destination. Need a weekend away? Follow us on one fun filled weekend; close and affordable.Create your memories! You just gotta go!


TommyV Videos says:

I almost dropped my glasses off that swinging bridge and you havent experienced Fat Man's Squeeze unless youre truly a fat man. I heard this from a "friend". Ha.

emzirek says:

the title 2 this video is misleading, it should be, how to spend money on vacation every day over excessively

sarah bybee says:

Clumpies would have been better than Ben n Jerry's at least support local business

sarah bybee says:

that is not the river park that is Coolidge Park with the carousel

Keith Blakemore says:

no vacation is cheap if you eat out everyday

Keith Blakemore says:

100$ that's almost as expensive as the aquarium

Jamie Clemons says:

Seriously 100 bucks ain't cheap. Prentice Cooper State Forest free campsite near Chattanooga. Free that is cheap.

Mirageman0373 says:

u should slap him for shaking the bridge bad boy lol.

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