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How to Travel Vietnam in 2 Weeks

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Me and Greg are going to Bali and Beyond, we are making new videos everyday, so stay tuned!

An epic voyage of two brothers through cave and jungle across beautiful Vietnam.


Chase Brock says:

what time of year did you guys travel there?

Curtis Truong says:

Can I ask what type of cameras you shot with? Great resolution. Looked like a great time… I've never gotten to go to Ha Long Bay, jealous.

Trangquynh Vo says:

so funny and love your video

Péter Fodor says:

Hello guys! Could you please let me know what is the name of that view point at Ha Long Bay where you climbed up through that ugly looking cave? 😀

MrBinh says:

My Love Vietnam. Tip in Vietnam❤❤❤

Th. says:

What drone did you use?

Breath Of The Mekong Tours says:

Don't forget Mekong Delta, many great experiences to explore ^^

Leo S says:

No, it's how YOU travelled Vietnam in 2 weeks.

Iris Nation says:

Great editing guys, going Vietnam for 2 weeks in December. Thank you!

Becci Travels says:

There are so many things to do in Vietnam. I would like to take a trip there someday. Love the video.

nguyen Hieu says:

In vietnam, "cave" mine is : bitch (10$ to fuck)

John Van says:

Hey I'm in Hoi an right now and my family lives here. I've been around recording but I've never thought I would bit consider buying a drone till I see this video. What model is your drone and how much?

tinnie bui says:

Don't trust Greg with anything. so funny.

tinnie bui says:

great video. love your expression.

Jade Last says:

what camera did you use for the vlog?

topopops says:

I’d say Thailand’s better

Khang Dang says:

going back to my country in 2 weeks, cant wait for it. Flying from Toronto. Miss it too much. THanks for inspiration

Camie says:

Going to Vietnam in a few weeks, thanks for your videos, it gets us even more excited! xxx

Ho Gaius says:

Awesome video man! (: love the effort! Keep it up!

Leonie Ernst says:


Great Video! I‘ll be going next month for 2 weeks almost youre route i think… would you mind sharing with me your itinerary? 🙈 cause we have such a tight schedual i‘m a little nervous about fitting all that stuff in so it‘d be a huge help!
Your video looked awesome!

RK says:

Penis Banana 😂 9:20

122vee says:

Would love for you guys to write up an itinerary of where you stayed and all

Kris Low says:

Love your video, can't wait to head to vietnam in August. Would it be possible to know your travel itinerary? Thank you

Tuan Le Ngoc says:

Our lovely homestay in Saigon, Ho Chi Minh https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/24885716

troll fam says:

hahhaha xin chào usa

Joanne P says:

hey guys, where was that cave at 8:28?

Jorge L. Pérez says:

Hey friendo! Great vid… quick question. How much money did you spent in thoese two weeks with all the ativities, food, hotel, transport, etc. Etc?

Jeff M says:

Awesome video man. Weirdly love the music. What were the songs you used?

MAZ H says:

good video, great editing 👌🏽 keep up d good work…

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