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How To Travel To 12 Countries On $30 A Day

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Fresh out of college and bored to death, best friends Kelsey Ogden and Kristen Refermat swap their savings for a pair of round-the-world plane tickets and set off to see 12 countries on a budget of just $30 a day.

Follow two hilarious best friends as they explore the world on a budget. They hitchhike, couchsurf, street perform, overeat, laugh, yell, and get really sweaty. Like water beard sweaty. There is no script. These are not professionals. They’re just a pair of young ladies intent on proving that adventure, friendship, and broader horizons needn’t have hefty price tags.

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Jameel Kout says:

How could you go to these countries ? Don't you need a visa for every country you go to ?

Some lady that voted Trump says:

I wish I wasn't a woman so it would be safer for me to travel alone

LeeboProductions says:

I hate these preachy white middle class pretty girl princesses who think because they have gone to poor countries that they now somehow understand… Burn daddy's trust fund, then try travelling with no safety net.

Brandon Uveges says:

Crap I live in Boston for less than $30 a day lmao. More like $5

King Tolentino says:

you can do that mostly in asian countries…$30 for a day is too much ??

Lindsay Mc says:

Please bring this series backkk- I miss it so much!!! I've been working on a travel series as well and you guys are so inspiring!

Ankush Sohal says:

Amzing…i luvd it, well captured, the space is defined properly. Good Job ??

Vegantastic TV says:

looks exciting

chio uruakpa says:

i miss you guys so much :(

Michelle Mullighan says:

love this

David C says:

but they did pay for tickets to all the countries on diff continents right? idk im jus askin

Akaash Rafiq says:

thank you for the vids

Natalie Preddie says:

Ummm- Love these videos! Looks fantastic- This is exactly what I would LOVE to do. Take a look at my videos if you get a chance. Any feedback is appreciated!

Elle Qui Explore says:

Well done girls

Viajando nuestra vida says:

Great ;)

shanae spragley says:

These videos give me hope

EqualsTravel.com says:

I really like your video, and I will check your series.. I'm also like to travel, and I just started a YT channel, and will start to upload some videos.. Btw you got yourself a new subscriber :)

andrew “gipanze1” dietz says:

i agree that it can be cheap to travel the world, but on 30 a day is bullshit

andrew “gipanze1” dietz says:


zig ventures says:

I truly love this channel wow so inspiring! I will definitely be an avid watcher. Please check my latest videos & give me any feedback thanks so much! 

Around the Globe -my impressions says:

It looks, you had an unbelievable time in this 4 months, nice video…;) You got so fantastic pictures for that less money.

Wency June Libot says:

what's the background music?

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