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How to Travel the World on a Tiny Budget // Minimalist Travel // Cheap Travel Tips

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Hi Guys! Here are some tips to travel the World on a small budget and still have an amazing time! 🙂

Thanks for watching and have an awesome day 🙂


Fernweh says:

Great inspiration, thank you! Subscribed and liked to support you! We travel around the world and take our camera everywhere. We have a videoblog with 60 Videos. We are still a small channel, so we would be really happy if you"d have a look and maybe support us as well. Thank you very much and all the best :)

Dina's Wanderlust says:

These are awesome tips! Im planning to travel to at least 2 different countries next year and these ideas are great! thanks!

Aiden & Natalie's Adventures says:


philboytano says:

Can i travel with you!? ;)

Shasha Limma says:

Thank you for the tips (Very useful). Have you called any airline in advance in order to stay on the 'stop over' city for an extended time and it worked for you?

Cris Yorke says:

The problem is people simply has no discipline in budgeting

Charles Green says:

Thank you for the "call the airline" tip, as I never would have thought of that. I planning an around the world in a month trip, any tips? instagram:chuckster72

Dato Bachilava says:

New Melissas`s fan here!!!

Turtle Shin says:

very impressive. i will try these things

Kiara K. says:

thanks so much this video was soo helpful! it makes me excited about my future travels :)

Lomogrammaton says:

I started watching this video with the mindset that I've heard all the advice out there on how to travel cheap but I have to say you proved me wrong. Some of your ideas/advice where really awesome and new to me. Thank you so much.

Exploring the Homeland says:

Great video, never thought about some of these tips/tricks. My wife and I are currently traveling the U.S. in a minivan that we've tweaked for travel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCljD0coNrwdoKuMws0FMzXA

Nataly says:

Hi Melissa,
I thought your video was cool. What do you think about deals on Livingsocial? Also, would you make accommodations from your home or just find some when you get to your destination? One more, have you been to Monaco or France, I recently became interested. Thanks!

thisguywhocamps1 says:

Thumbnail says major. Title says minimalist. seems legit. smh

Lily Grantcharova says:

This inspired me to make a trip with my school. I've organized a school trip to Ireland, Austria and Germany for 2 weeks in July of 2016. If you or any fans happen to see this, help make our journey a reality at http://www.gofundme.com/nrhschorale . Once again, thank you so much for this video. Very well done!

Jimmy Setters says:

I want to go Iceland

World Travel Videos. says:

Love This Video

Aimee-Jay Woolfenden says:

I would NEVER would have thought to call the airline and ask if the stopover could be extended for a week… I didn't think they allowed it. I may try it when I do my trip :)

Dragon “LordofHorror” sideer says:

Fantastic! My family seems to think i can't do it unless I'm a millionaire. Thanks!

Petey Dog says:

Hey – thats a good idea. I like the long stopover in another country, tip. Im going to do that when the plane stops in China! THANKS! Any ideas whats fun to do in China?

Debra Taylor says:

How much did the eastern Europe trip roughly cost? I am wanting to do a similar trip on a very small budget :)

i ammony says:

OMG you've been to Cambodia! A Cambodian fan right here!

DorinaRoams says:

great tips thank you! looking forward to starting my travels soon:)

Breanda Crump says:

wow I never heard of flight stop overs! thanks

Jason Pizzino says:

Great video Melissa! What camera do you use?


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