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Hey guys! This video explains how I travelled all around Asia for 10,000 USD. I saw 10 countries over 7 months and it was the best time of my life.


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The video is broken down by:
1. My Story
PS. The SE Asia Cost list didn’t upload properly for some reasons. So here they are for Mobile viewers who did not see my annotations.

unlimited cellphone data plan 5-12 usd
hostel accomadations 3-8 usd
local meal (rice chicken) 1-4 usd
western food 5-15 usd
beer! 1-2 usd
beer at bar 3-7 usd
shirt 2-7 usd
elephant print pants 5-7 usd
local flight one way 30-75 usd
bus 10-20 usd
sleeper bus/train 28-35 usd
20 minute cab (always ask for meter!) 4-5 usd
stereotypical rice picking hat 3-4 usd
water bottle .5-1 usd
coffee .75-1 usd
ticket into temple 5 usd
Instagram: https://instagram.com/christian_leblanc/

Budget Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/…

If you guys have any questions just comment below and if you found the video helpful make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe!


Nandy Emilie NouNourse says:

Thank for the video, but please what's the name of that song playing please?

Risa Klein says:

what's the opening song?

Daria Rubakova says:

Dude,how you saying that you're not rich is just funny. You are the lucky one and most of your savings you was able to have because of your parents. It seems that seeing poor people of all this countries didn't give you any idea of how life could be.

Yauri de Groot says:

hey could you post in the description a template of the excel worksheet you have in the video thank you! Great Video!

TheLankyPilot says:

I'm lucky I have been learning Exel in computing ?

Kasper James says:

great. you had some ideas I hasn't thought of. thanks!

Partners In Wealth says:

Hey guys….thanks for this..I too just got back from Philippines….and will be going back Dec 1 to Thialand and Laos …and Vietnam……just so you know I'm a part of a Travel Club – Partners in Wealth…that specializes in helping people raise funds for their projects or campaigns….the Travel Club is pretty big though….check out the Video here…it's easy to register….and it's helping me travel around the world too….enjoy..!!! https://youtu.be/-n7ZVHmK9Fk

Josh Miller says:

good life choice bro. thanks for the info

Kerron Andrews says:

great video man I've traveled all over the world in the Navy and travel does make you richer. buy i have a family so it's a real challege to take my family for cheap and I'm not taking my kids to some run down hotel. so what I did was join the travel industry and it changed everything even my plane tickets are at wholesale prices and it's a tax write off. I love travel so my wife and I decided to get paid for it now we're helping mellinials all over the world to have a home business that their not tied too. just having a CLIA card will sometimes land you an upgrade to first class for free , great industry.

Young Qing (Yung Qing the 1st) says:

Who else really liked the before ad the most lol
She proposed!

Ianthe Haloftis says:

I just booked my trip to Thailand for 4 weeks in June 2017. Only $650 round trip on Singapore Airlines!

hidayah ramli says:

It seems that you are interested in SEA..why don't you visit Malaysia as well?…Malaysia Truly Asia (our tourism's slogan). :-)

ratballs007 says:

Bro plz. your parents paid just drop it man. nice vids tho, your girlfriend got the views, nice booty

Karol L. says:

Hi ! that 100,000 usd is for a couple or just for you own ?

Abroad 365 (Jamie Gajewski) says:

I totally agree. Sell your stuff before your trip. I sold everything I own except maybe three suitcases worth. It really adds up. Great video!

Bethany Gordon says:

How did you carry your money. Did you take your credit card or use a travel money card?

chnguye2 says:

about moving back to your parents was "a sacrifice [you] willing to make"…found this really funny

Martin Herald says:

I personally don't find this very useful. It seems to be more about budgeting. This is actually useful for almost anything. However for traveling, how to best obtain your visa's and the best ways to get through border checkpoints and so forth is far more useful. Also I'm currently living in Cambodia, The advice to avoid the bad weather and travel in high season is wrong. I hardly notice the difference in weather between high and low seasons in this area: But I can guarantee you, everything is cheaper and easier to get in low season. Your air fairs, accommodation, availability of hotels and tours, the list goes on. If you go from Thailand to Phnom pehn, fly in if you want to stay any longer than 2 months and get a business visa. If you get the wrong visa (can't get them on a land border) you are stuffed. When going from Cambodia to Viet Nam get your visa in Phnom Pehn. Your tuk tuk driver at your hotel for a small fee will do it all for you. You can get one here for 3months and they may charge you for a 3mth one in Viet Nam but they will only give you a visa for 1 month. The point is: it is easier to get your Viet Nam visa in Cambodia than it is in Viet Nam. Details are important: If you come to Cambodia and want to go to Sihanoukville, Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. Fly into Phnom Pehn, get a bus to Sihanoukville, a bus to Siem Reap and then fly out of Siem Reap. This saves you bus fares and a day wasted on the road. Everyone I know books both the arrival and return flight out of Phnom Pehn. This is stupid, the same rules apply anywhere else, you don't need to drive right back across ground you have already covered. It takes homework, but in the Siem Reap case, it has more international flights per year than Phnom Pehn, prices and destinations are similar.

I just wish that a video about travel, was more about travel and less about budgeting.
I have a couple of exceptions on the price guides to (I've been to all the same places). But the prices mentioned do give you an idea and if you know what you are doing it is very cheap in Asia. Hired motor cycles can save you money and really opens up some areas for you. BUT… If you have very little experience riding motorcycles or moto's as they are known: Asia is NOT, the place to learn. Even if like me you have been riding them for well over a decade, it still takes some getting used to how Asian traffic works and how dangerous these roads are.
If a bicycle can do the job consider one. Also buy your own bike lock for anything rented (costs about $3 here). The people that steal them are often the people who rent them to you. Also, gearing on manual scooters is back to front in Asia.
Pay an extra dollar and hire an automatic (you don't want to shift your sports bike back home the wrong way going fast around a bend).

The life of Alex says:

Was going to ask for this video, but I found it first!

Willow Pontino says:

22 yrs old? OMG.

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