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How to the travel the World for free. This is my story!

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nice video, but how r u shooting them from such a height?

Block E Media says:

Didn't really give an explanation on how to TRAVEL THE WORLD FOR FREE but I like the story

Corey Jovel says:

You are an inspiration. This is what I strive for and more. Thank you for sharing .

Na // says:

This is the life i want to live !!! You're so inspiring !!!!!!!!!!!

Leonardo Arias says:

I got chills with the quote in the end. Feeling motivated with your story! Thanks for sharing it! 🀟

Luis Alex says:

Oh my god ! ! So great! Love so much your video. You are a amazing guy! It is my first YouTube comment. And i am just touched a lot by your video, it makes me stronger the dream what I have. Thank you! Man.

James Raynaldi says:

thank you for sharing your story and journey, this make my day !

Prince Rakeem says:

Woah his girl look like Amy Jackson

Buddha Syangbo says:

Great inspirational video.
I want you to make travel video of Nepal too.


Ricardo Bogado says:

I really admire you dude! great video work, awesome message!

Kea Archary says:

Amazing footage and captivating narrative, Erik! I've been "researching" travel vlogs and blogs, trying to figure out if either is something I want to do – I really want to travel the world, too and am planning my very first trip this year πŸ™‚ Your vlogs are the most inspiring, honest and relatable that I've seen so far!!

Ray Avelar Ramos says:

Definitely did not lean "HOW TO TRAVEL THE WORLD FOR FREE"… very practical your video

Pranav Patel says:

Ha ha , with good looking face and πŸ’° bunch of money you can travel anywhere in the world freely. I couldn't understand any single point in this video about how to travel free. May be u borrowed some from ur girlfriend! What about expenses? Or this video is about how to travel a world with freely motivational words.πŸ˜•πŸ˜•

Personal Mastery Quest says:

Inspiring story. Needed to see this I was getting impatient!

Kimber Hankinson says:

Seriously beautiful content! When you film something like this do you have a team that travels with you or do you just do it yourself do you set your timer I would love to join one of these excursions with you and possibly learn as much as I could, do you have any sort of classes or workshops that you offered to teach people the knowledge that you have to share? I’ve taken a few classes and I always take away something different from each one. I’m always trying to expand, thank you for your time

Kimber Hankinson says:

I love this video! I love this motivational message showing people that if you really put your mind to it you can make anything happen and you are a true inspiration and I appreciate you sharing your knowledge. I am a professional wrestler and I also am getting ready to be a part of the Wow superheroes women’s wrestling company that is owned by Jeanie buss Mark Cuban and Mark Burnett and I want to use that platform to spread nothing but good positive live your life be the best you you can be through this platform and you are encouraging me to find ways to do it! Love bloggers! The real stars

Rolls royce says:

awesome story..way to go dude..never stop chasing your dreams..great message..πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘

radhikapatil1986 says:

Whenever I feel down I watch this video.. your journey is very inspiring. TC for sharing it with the world. Xoxo from India

leonard peter says:

I'm from Kenya, oh tell me how the hell you can make me travel and understand what you are saying?


Such a nice video! We'd love to link: our email is email.our.tribe@gmail.com

Joshua Boyd says:

Video starts at 10:45 you're welcome

LumiGON RL says:

2:28 is that clarke from "the 100"???

Jake says:

What's your degree?

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