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How to Travel the World for DIRT CHEAP! EASY Budget HACKS & Tips for Your DREAM Vacay

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How To Travel the WORLD for SUPER CHEAP! Here are some EASY budget trip tips and travel hacks for those of of you who love to travel but on a budget. I’ll tell you how to save money on lodging, hotels, flights, + more! I’ll also tell you how to travel internationally without breaking the bank!

How To Save Money On School Supplies:

How To Pay Off Student Loan Debt:

How To Get a Degree for FREE:

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Resources To MAKE & SAVE Money on Travel!:

❤ Ebates: http://www.ebates.com/rf.do?referrerid=W7i7YuLxApfUdUQJWvB%2BWQ%3D%3D&eeid=28187

❤︎ Sign up for WayUp which provides side hustles 2 college & grad students: http://tinyurl.com/j8gdsyx

❤︎ Couchsurfing for networking with locals: http://www.couchsurfing.com

❤︎ Secretflying for super cheap flight deals: http://www.secretflying.com

❤︎ Search Engines I love:

❤︎ Cheap Lodging:

Baton Rouge Flood Relief: gofund.me/2jub4f5y

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Sarah Ortiz says:

instant subscribe ❤️😍😍😍

Sarah Ortiz says:


Matt Bretschneider says:

Hey! Who are the 13 snobs who disliked this video? lol
I don't know about them, but this advise is helpful to me…..

Melanie Richard says:

this is awesome!! I just did a similar video!

CancerrGirl92 says:

Great tips!

Jaylan O says:

i live in australia and one trip to one place is so expensive so there goes my dreams down the drain

Partners In Wealth says:

Awesome stuff…..thanks for this video….keep it up…!!!….just so you know I'm a part of a Travel Club – Partners in Wealth…that specializes in helping people raise funds for their projects or campaigns….the Travel Club is pretty big though….check out the Video here…it's easy to register….and it's helping me travel around the world too….enjoy..!!! https://youtu.be/-n7ZVHmK9Fk

donta hawkins says:

question on travel i want too use lyft is that a good idea?

donta hawkins says:

people dont realize companies give discounts

treberry 713 says:

great video! I'm a new traveler and was glad to hear ways I can save money while having fun adventures

sweetchari says:

Great tips, thanks for sharing!

magnificent1408 says:

My daughter says your lipstick is beautiful. she is 8!

Taylor Jhané says:

Also if you buy directly from the seller once you find the cheap price through a search site, you can change your flight if you need to without charge I believe

Ashley Gordon says:

Great Tips. Thank you so much Ci!

Natasha Sanders says:

Heyyyyy! I'm loving your videos! I traveled in my twenties but I wish I had traveled more and definitely overseas. I was scared to travel alone. Well, I wasn't that scared. I just didn't want to hear my mom/family/friends talk about how unsafe it is to travel alone. I would've been okay by myself…..😉

Jraquel26 says:

I'm a little hesitant getting the frequent travel miles and plus Groupon travel deals. Groupon deals didn't look legitimate enough i will have to give it a try one day. Didn't see a lot of others buying however the skymiles (I read clarkhoward) he recommends getting a credit card for those. Damon and Jo on here also gives up good tips ❤️ your tips!

Tyi Collins says:

I been missing these money mondays, and wondering why you wasn't posting. come to find out I mysteriously got unsubscribed. happy I got much to catch up on though.

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Hair 🙌🏾🙌🏾 info?


your soooo awesome… I can't thank you enough for these videos 💋

Kenya L Patterson says:

Awesome video Ciara!!!! I love to travel!!!!

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