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How to Travel the world for Cheap | Europe for Less Than $400!?

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🌼 A common question I get a lot is how I travel for so cheap! Well, I finally answered that for you! For the written up version check out the link here: https://goo.gl/uYVA8e

For $40.00 off AirBnB for first time users click this link:
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Juliana Carrera says:

What a sweet girl! Thanks for this info 🙏🏻

Nipponsuki says:

wow I wish I had watched this yesterday I did not know about google flights before I booked tickets to the US ..but maybe it can help when I go to Ireland

Flo F. says:

Great info! Thanks for sharing!

DJKrisyKris says:

I have a tip… Although not useful for the majority of the people lol

You can get to travel for free on business trips. I got to go to Belgium for 3 years because my dad had to work there for some reason lmao. It was fun…. Actually I was 7, so I did not enjoy it for the first year and a half

Iku The Insane says:

Just wondering how you find places to couchsurf. What site do you use (I also think you may network through facebook for this??)? Especially interested in places like Japan. Thank you for the great tips! Never knew about Google flights! Have you ever used Groupon? Would you recommend that if you have?

Dream In Autumn says:

This was really helpful info!
I'll be travelling a lot soon and this kind of advice is exactly what i've been looking for.
You where really clear – thank you so much 🙂
What a beautiful travel vlog!
I just uploaded a 3 month Digital Nomad video and would love your feedback! 🙂
Keep up the amazing vlogs!! I just subbed! 🙂

Catnip Ninja says:

Definitely would be interested in a make money while traveling video.

ChowDownWithTheSharpes says:

Cool video. Alot of good information. Thanks.

Oshea Darrington says:

First! 😘

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