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HOW TO TRAVEL MELBOURNE (Best Destinations and Prices)

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Melbourne Australia is an incredible destination for travelers, foodies and nature seekers SO I wanted to make a travel guide for it. From the vibrance of the downtown CBD to the picturesque Great Ocean Road, there is something for everyone here.

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The man that people want Entertainment/ Sport/ Life says:

Melbourne man what a wonderful place. 24hr shopping/AFL/ Great ocean road/ Chinatown it has it all. when im older I will definitely visiting Melbourne. I live in perth so it should take about 5hrs. Melbourne is a wonderful place and its breathtaking.

Shea Harvey says:

Healesville, Hepburn springs and the Mornington Peninsula are all great places to go for waterfalls and rainforests, natural springs and beaches!

Morgan Montgomery says:

lol meat pies are at every game no just magpie games and you hold it the other way with the crust facing up. also ya-ra not yar-ra

gemmadawn says:

Coming from a local, this was such an incredible representation of Melbourne!
Amazing video guys.

Elliott says:

What don't you get about "Fuck off we're full?"

Andrew Dimiotis says:

Next time, check out the suburb Broadmeadows!

Siew Meng says:

Awesome mate !

Dan Sott says:

Do a video on #adelaidesouthaustralia

charlotte Morrison says:

omg going to Anglesea in winter good luck staying warm

Z.M says:

Its funny how tourists find those annoying as birds fascinating. Come back in Spring when Magpies are in season. Better put your backpack over your head.

Tom Lumb says:

50 bucks? you can get into most games for 10, and on most sundays its free

jakee says:

hey! i live there!

xj41002 says:

general admission to an AFL game is 5 bucks for under 12s and i think like 15 for adult. Great video!

James P says:

Melbourne the place to go when you want to be culturally enriched by roaming African gangs…

Emily M says:

13:20 eating the pie upside down!?

Mr Uddin says:

Hi, I was wondering if you could give us an update in the situation in Bali and Lombok as I have been seeing in the news about the earthquake it recently. I think people would appreciate to know what the situation is like for a tourist and from your perspective as a traveller. I will be flying out to bali later this month and would like to know who affected are the areas, the local people's mood, if they are still welcoming travellers or obviously they are trying to get there homes and businesses back to a working state.

Meaning I don't want to be going there being myself and enjoying the beautiful country while the locals are upset and troubled, it's not nice being that guy if you know what I mean.


Joyce Chahine - Pianist says:

Born and bred in Melbourne here – loved the video!

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