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A trip to Japan doesn’t have to break the bank! Here I share my top money saving tips to travel to japan! Follow it and you can enjoy japan without splurging too much!

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ai ore says:

Thank you for the tips, your video is very informative. I am planning to visit tokyo, kyoto and hokkaido for 7 days on April. Which mode of transportation can you advice? Thank you in advance.

zact lee says:

got my round trip ticket for just $230

seiranshi says:

Hi thank you for the very informative video. Im planning to stay in japan this october for 7 days my itinerary is osaka, kyoto and nara and visiting lots of temples and shrine. Do you think that kansai wide pass for 5days is worth it? Thank you very much!

Tanya Moore says:

Thank you. Great info. We are going to Japan next week and don't have enough actually planned, but today is the planning day. My son is in school in Tokyo, and we will stay with him sometimes and then go to other places. at least we have Hakone figured out!

JJ L says:

Dear starfood, I really want to come during 11th to 25th April for my birthday primarily. Is this an expensive time when I'm in Japan? Flights with a 1 stopover is £450 cheapest atm so I want to book now before it gets worse. I'm wondering if my budget will be hugely affected by Golden week or Cherry blossom? Btw, I'm coming from London, UK.

Suhail Ahmed says:

This is an underrated video. thank you for making it

futuredeath says:

Best video!!!

Raymond Beh says:

You should add in sub titles for the names of some of the places you mention. Thanks

Moh Drummer says:

finally a logical and realistic video , thanks .

Luis Diaz says:

im from puerto rico only the tickets to get there the cheap is 1,700

Steffani Michoff says:

question: i will be going with two friends to japan for about 14 days. we plan to go from tokyo to yokohama to mt fuji to nagoya to kyoto to osaka to nara and back to tokyo. would travel method would you recommend for us?

sandnes2504 says:

If I buy a pass..why i will take a bus ( to save a night in hotel? ). As I understand the pass will allow me Shinkansen Journey.As a tourist..I want to save my travl time , and rather see around.

rahul raj says:

How much will a solo trip for 15-16 days will cost.I am planning to visit JAPAN next year June.And I will be spending 0 days in Tokyo and most of the days in Kyoto,Osaka and countryside.

Lan Navarro says:

Lucky me I've watch your video before we go to Japan on April 22. We're staying in Chiba for 1 week then go to takaoka, do we need to buy the 3 day pass of willer? Because after takaoka will go back to Nagoya for our flight back. Thank you so much!

Michael A. says:

Much thanks!

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