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Always wanted to travel in Maldives but thought you could never afford it? Watch our video on how we traveled to this beautiful country and experienced everything it has to offer on a back packers budget.

All prices stated include tax and all fees except for hotel accommodation.

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Sanjay Sharma says:

Nice video narrator! Do you suggest any specific travel agency which we can opt for ?

Kiki K says:

How much can spend one couple for5 days?

Petr Gavron says:

Hi video is so nice. Is there any bar where you can have the beer???

R Bal says:

very informative thank you. what airport did you fly out of from thailand? i am planning a vietnam, cambodia, thailand and maldives trip in 2019 hopefully

Aninda Amorina Mullier says:

thank you so much for the video❤

Sebastian Sieberer says:

Hi, thank you for the informing video – i really enjoyed! So do you recommend maafushi? I heard that there isnt the real maledives spirit and flair because the are a lot building sites! Can you feel the maledives dream on it – if you know what i mean ☺️

cherie dulay says:

nice video.. i hope i can visit maldives soon…from itlay here.

Manish Keshwala says:

I’m looking for affordable stay in Maldives in December month. Wich is a best island

Angel says:

I’d like to go there… where did you guys fly out of and what was your itinerary? How do you guys find the private islands where there is no restrictions? Also is there any place where I can message you and ask questions

Serenity Pakistan says:

Thank youuu for such an informative video 🙂 will surely email you as planning a trip during first week of Sep. Lots of love & blessings to you from Pakistan..

snoop dogg says:

How much was flight

Supratim Bhowmick says:

Thanks once again. I completed my budget trip to Maldives in June'18 using information provided in your video. I saw everything that you have shown in your video, maybe a little more. It's a fantastic place and it wasn't that expensive.

Alina 222 says:

Thank for this great video!
So I guess eating vegan wasn't a problem 🙂 yeeay
Is it safe to travel as a young women there ?

Farah Rammal says:

What is the name of the hotel? Thanks for the video

Supratim Bhowmick says:

Excellent! You come to the point straightway. Even a 5 minute video can be so informative! I have plans to make a budget trip to Maldives. Is there any other forum where I can ask questions?

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