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How To Travel Hawaii ON A BUDGET With Jackson Groves | UNILAD Adventure

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We travel to Kauai, Hawaii with Jackson Groves to see the best way to explore this beautiful country on a budget.

From discovering natural wonders, to finding the best hostels, the ‘On A Budget’ series looks at the best travel tips for you to experience countries without breaking the bank.

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Faroque Fareehazoya says:

seems like a nice place to visit.Wish I was rich.

Rado Danko says:

Thank you!!

Mark Oliver Angeles says:

Finally a useful YouTube video about Hawaii

greentealover says:

WOW it looks so magical there! I wish my legs could carry me anywhere I want to go like you did in the video 🙁 .

OmazingE30 says:

awesome video bro! Thanks for the info.. I already book my flight over there.. quick question how much for the helicopter ride?

Christopher Dodd says:

Thanks Jackson! You truly are the authority when it comes to Hawaii on a budget. I still don't know how you do it on less than $800 USD per month though haha

Eric Sanz Avila says:

Great video dude! What's the name of the song?

Dollar Travelers says:

Terrific Video, Keep up the good work!

عبد القادر الجزائري says:

amazing 😍

iamtimchung says:


ADVENTURE CAMPitelli says:

My buddy used to fly his bike and bob there and camp for free. I think it used to cost him about 600 for 1 week. Camping used to be free, not sure if it still is. Good video by the way!

Jesse St Louis says:

Great video! Jackson needs more vids on his own YouTube channel!

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