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How To Travel For Cheap!

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Why My Voice is Weird – https://youtu.be/BSzlq_C5GVE

How to Travel – https://youtu.be/1YWqEVbst1M

Any more travel questions and budgeting questions leave them in the comments and i will reply! Some people are able to work full time using only a laptop and they can travel continuously around the globe. i haven’t reached that stage yet!

if you want to help fund the channel (i no longer have a patron) you can donate – https://www.paypal.me/veeoneeye


Blackwidows says:

So if I wanted to go to Indonesia from the US how would I find the cheapest way possible? Would it be cheaper to maybe get a flight to a country closer to Indonesia and get another flight from there? I just need to find a way to get the cheapest flights possible because I DEFINITELY can't spend 600-1000$ on a flight. Well maybe I could if that's the only way possible but idk.

Andi Loveall says:

I agree about the tours. I never did any guided tours the whole time I was in SE Asia before. The best experiences happen while wandering randomly.

Prismer x says:

damn I really thought airbnb would be your way to stay somewhere. How do you feel about airbnb, did u ever used it?

William Rape says:

Any tips on getting jobs or do you just live off of youtube money? Started backpacking a while ago, started in singapore and in aus at the minute. Don't wanna stay in the same place too long but need some sort of income, thanks 🙂

nashville vigilante says:

She sounds more manly than he does…

Sunny Dae says:

This was great – thank you so much!🤗

Mac Johnson says:

Wow you guys are so awesome. Love your full time vacation videos.

Jakob Rodriguez says:

Thanks for the advice. Love you guys videos. I like to use airbnb when finding a place to settle, I find it to be cheaper and I trust it more than booking a hotel. Same scenario as the taxi:uber situation. Shoulder seasons are my favorite times to travel, how about you guys?

Outpat says:

"you're really not very smart are you" lmaooo

BluFu Zz says:

Is Trivago good for hotels or nah

Tom the Junkie says:

this video left me feeling mostly unsatisfied

Jennifer Sage Bartlett says:

Good tip! I had never thought to go incognito while searching for travel.

Jessica french says:

what up dudes💕🖤

jake taylor says:

I'm going travelling in May until Octoberish time, I was thinking about Thailand, could you do a video on how to plan what you're actually going to do/ visit when traveling, it would be very helpful as i genuinely have no clue how to research what it woth doing. thank you :))

taco tuesday says:

she sounds fucked up

Mayra Huerta says:

I just tuned in to you and Veeoneeye. I like you both. Because ive just discovered your content I've been looking through old videos. Which took me to one with serious allegations for him? I'm on the fence now.

Dougal McGuire says:

is the whole point of being vegan and living off the earth to be spiritually and happy with oneself? because you seem quite unhappy dude. hope you get to the bottom of whatever is eating you 🙂

Alyssa Mello says:

Stephi is the sweetest and cutest human ever

Y&S FOOD! says:

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