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How to Travel Europe on a Budget (Cheap Flights, Student Discounts, & More)

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FINALLY! My tips and tricks for how to travel through Europe on a budget. Hope you guys enjoy!!
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Today’s video is my tips for traveling through Europe on a budget! I learned some useful tricks during my semester studying abroad in France, so I’m here to share with you. How to save money on flights, accommodations such as hostels or Airbnbs, transport such as buses, trains, etc… hopefully these tips are helpful!

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tiffanyferg says:

HIIIIIIIIII I hope this vid helps any of you who are planning to travel through Europe! If you have any other tips and tricks, plz share with the rest of us 🙂

Smart Trip Europe says:

Student travel the Smart way! Check us out: https://youtu.be/JA8DldDoVlg

Purpose Driven says:

Lol you're funny

Jane says:

Ok so my biggest tips for traveling cheap/getting to travel longer: 

1. Go in the off-season. This changes depending on location. Most places it's during the winter (typically Sept/Oct – Mar/Apr), but for cruises to islands it's during hurricane season (typically June- Nov) so you just have to research what the weather is like
2. Plan as far in advance as possible. For example, if you know you want to go to France sometime next year, watch flight prices as soon as you're sure so that you can see when it is the cheapest to fly. I recommend getting the app Skyscanner and turning on price updates. This has saved me HUNDREDS on flights before.
3. Stay in the cheapest places possible. Obviously, you want to be safe, so use your best judgement here. In the notoriously safer countries, try couchsurfing. Check the cheapest airbnbs and compare them to hostels. Hostels aren't always cheaper.
4. Walk when you can. Don't walk too much and exhaust yourself just trying to save a few bucks, but walk as often as you can. Always be aware of your transportation options and pick the one that you're most comfortable with without breaking the bank!
5. Buy groceries rather than eating out. They last longer than just one meal. If you know your accommodation has a kitchen, you can make a hot meal. If it doesn't, go for that pb&j. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ 
6. Travel with someone. Most airbnbs are set up for at least 2 people. SO, that $60 per night just became $30. This also comes into play when buying groceries. You can split the cost since you'll be sharing.
7. Don't be afraid to treat yourself at some point. If you're anything like me, you can't just go-go-go for weeks without rest. Sleep in when you can, have one day to just hang out. Stay at a hotel once or twice. Go to a nice lunch. These random intervals of self-care last a long time by boosting your mental health. Otherwise you could potentially just put yourself in a funk and that's going to ruin your trip. 
8. Finally: go with your gut. You have to think about what your mind and body are capable of. Should you be rushing to your next destination or can you take a casual train ride to get there? Can you handle sleeping on a strangers couch or would you prefer an airbnb? Is the cheapest country for you to go to next safe? Do you really need that extra food item for hunger or for comfort? Think about the long term, and remember that everything adds up. 
That was A LOT, and I'm sure a solid 3 people read it, but hey…..it's worked for me thus far. Good luck, everyone!

Jane says:

My flight to Iceland was $280 round trip from SFO (:

Delany says:

Is it just me or has Airbnb been getting super expensive?

JakeWillSmith says:

4:47 — that's why we're here

Phoebe Lemon says:

easyjet& transavia over ryanair though. Everyone I know that ever stepped on their planes has a (bad) story to tell.

lizzzarduh says:

I'm in France right now wwoofing! Me and my boyfriend wanted to travel here for a low cost and wwoofing makes very easy! If you don't know what it is, basically you are working on a farm and in return get free room and board . That included food! It's awesome it's an amazing way to experience the culture of the country !! Great video thank you!

meraki28 says:

Student Agency based out of Prague also has super cheap bus fares.

Light One says:

Y a des algériens ici? I'm Algerian and I actually want to teach English in France in like 4 years or so from now…I plan to teach English here in Algeria for one year and then move to France. I thought it'd probably be easier that way. Anyway. I love your vids they're cool n helpful Hope u reach 1 million subscribers 😁 damn quite a long comment.

Tea Bundalo says:

1. go to skyscanner, and as your depart and return put: cheapest month
2. use trivago to compare prices for accommodation on different websites
3. use booking.com if you can because when you reach genius status you get discounts, or find a friend that already has it and book under their name, that way you get a discount and they get more points, me and my friends all use the same account
4. pack very lightly that way you pay for your luggage less or nothing if you only take a cary on
5. use blablacar to share vehicles with people that are going to the same place, save money and make new friends! 🙂

Rebeka Kadillak says:

he kinda looks like Taylor Swift

Isabel Gallarzo says:

Curious as to what you did with your bigger luggage after studying abroad if you just took a back pack when you traveled!!?

JustSomebody says:

You still use AOL 0.o ? My m o m has used AOL since '96.

Full Metal Maryy says:

This isn't a budget question, but my friend and I are about to spend two weeks in Europe, Paris and Rome to be specific. I was wondering if its okay to wear shorts, I know it probably isn't that big of a deal, but as a someone who films and does photography while travelling, skirts and dresses aren't very practical. It's supposed to be super hot and pants seems like a drag, unless going to a church or out to a fancy restaurant, then of course I would cover up and dress appropriately. But just for walking around and exploring are shorts okay?

Leia Cardinal says:


morgane rillh says:

Hey i'm french, and if you want to travel between different cities in France instead of FLIXBUS you can use OUIBUS it is the same system but only inside France, then you have also BLABLACAR which is also an app where people share their car when they travel in France and it is way cheaper than train or plane in general 🙂
I hope it will help you !

soccerbopper124 says:

thank you for the vid tiff!!! super helpful

Alex Carrillo says:

What do you recommend for phone providers in terms to people studying abroad? Should I get t-mobile's abroad plan or get a phone there?

loveprincess says:

thank you for this 💖

M V says:

Convert your dollars to euros at TD Bank here in the US for just a small fee before and after your trip.

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