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HOW TO TRAVEL EUROPE CHEAP: Travel apps | Veg food | Hotels | Bus

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How to travel Europe on a budget! Watch this video if you are searching for ways to travel in Europe as cheaply as possible. This video is based on my trip to Italy. I travelled from Rome’s Fiumicino Airport to Rome city. So if you are looking for Rome airport transfers then this video is surely for you. I faced a problem while booking a hotel in Rome. So while talking about my experience I have shared information about the tariff of the hotel and hostels in Rome. If you are also a vegetarian like me then this is a must watch the video. I have shared which is the best place to buy vegetarian food in Rome for budget travellers. How much a Pizza cost in Rome! You will also see Tiburtina bus station, Rome from where long distance buses operate. During the video, you will come to know about a few apps which can help you to keep Europe trip in Budget.

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Madhur Kumar Jain says:

टर्मिनी कह रहे हो, मुझे लगा जर्मनी

Wired tomprose says:

when i was in venizia italy i had vegetarian sandwitch which was of baigan sliced and i ate that all 😝

Wired tomprose says:

i use Forex Card on my all intnl trip


Hey bhaiya,
Aap kis tarah ka sim card use karte ho matlab abroad me?
1 gb/Day data wala sim available he kya tourist ke liye?

sandeep maloo says:

Sir ek question h aapse…Kya aap koi bhi nae jagah explore karne se pehle koi Info collect karte h kya,.for exmple..Hitch hiking is safe or not on that particular place ?? Btw the way u present , background music , info just superb …no words !! 🙏

Shivam Shukla says:

15:28 Sutta break😀😀

ravi partap says:

Bro Milan city kab a rahe ho

Shivam Shukla says:

5:00 20 rupaye ka ek kela🍌🍌

Nilesh S Tambatkar says:

Hello sir didn't post any video today why I was waiting

Vivek Chadha says:

@Varun When you will release canadian series? please do reply.
🇨🇦 / 🇮🇳

Er Vipul Maurya says:

Bhai ab hitchiking nhi karte ho….

Karan Kathuria says:

Canada vlogs kb aayenge?

Sheerali Omid says:

Last year I came to Roma termini

vilas patel says:

Dheere Bol😂😂😂
Google Aunty 😂

Mohan Pyaare says:

apka bolne ka style bht acha hai

Mohan Pyaare says:

best voice and best information varun ji

Jobanjeet nijjar says:

Portugal visa apply help

F C says:

i am in india and use Rupay card

Malkiat Singh says:

varun vagish ma to abhi 17 years ka hu 25 April ko 18 ka hou ga to use karu ga credit debit card ko. To ap bi iske bare me puri video bna dena plz ki kis country me konsa card istemal hota ha.

Deepsha Pun says:

Amazing as always Varun… You describe everything so easily and specially you speak in Hindi…. It's really amazing… Keep travelling and stay healthy.. Take care..

Rockks People says:

Maza aa. gayan bhai

Raj Ghosh says:

Sir South Africa ka travel vlog baniyea please..

Pawan Gour says:

Sir आप इंडिया में हो तब भी अपनी रोज मरा की लाईफ पर भी विडियो डाल दिया कीजिए सर

Abhishek Dev says:

Rs. 4,000 per day EU ke hisaab se sastha hi hai. Sala yahan Kolkata mein agar Park Street mein chale jao to 2,500 se staring hai

Funny Shotss says:

Bhai ho aap Apne.
Bro kabhi Seoul Korea. Time mile to explore jarur krna or waha mother board ki company gigabyte pe jarur Jana…

Delllaptop 4400 says:


sabir konnakkad says:

Bhai, Have you finished Turkey series?

Naveed Ahmed says:

Italy k bad ap kdr jain gain

Nishu kumar says:

i use PNB debit card, it is really useful because at time it takes 30 rupees as a commission only.

Rohit Kathotia says:

You can use indus ind forex cards u get good rates

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