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How to TRAVEL DUBAI on a BUDGET – Enjoy Luxury CHEAP

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This is how to travel Dubai Cheap! Even though Dubai is known as a city of luxury, I will share travel tips in this guide to make this an affordable visit to UAE.
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From the Gold Souk, to the desert safari, you can experience Dubai on a budget.

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Lost LeBlanc says:

Firstly, I must apologize for the delay. Yesterday I set my video live and after one hour I came back to see that it had ZERO views. Long story short, the video got claimed by an MCN and blocked globally. Luckily a friend at YouTube helped me sort it over his weekend and I'm grateful to him that it was only delayed by a day. My apologies and see you guys NEXT SATURDAY for the Most Luxurious of Dubai πŸ™‚
Let's get Lost!

3badi Mass says:

Be carful, no kisses in public πŸ€“

3badi Mass says:

Dubai is occupied by Indians πŸ˜ƒ

koka g says:

Dream country DUBAI ❀️

Sveinn Reynir Sveinsson says:

Dear Christian, I donΒ΄t want to be negative but this is nothing new to people and I think most of your loyal followers are young people who are thirsty to see something exciting and new. I am 58 years old and I have travel all around the world but I am also looking for something new. I have had under my control 26 magazines and we had to to have goals and always fresh minds for something new. It is nothing wrong with having brainstorm meetings with people who are not all in the same age but fresh and love the life of traveling. Luxury is always exciting and not so easy to say no with but you are still a young guy. SRS. Iceland.

Masa Al huraiti says:

you should come to kuwaittt

Ali Han says:

I want go with my wife in futare when i marry hh

AMAL B says:

Actually..in my experience.. for hotels.. go to KAYAK.ae, i got 3 star room for 2 people in heart of gold soul for just 40 usd..u can get cheaper option in other location.. and for activities.. use groupon.ae site for food,desert safari,scuba diving.. u will get dozens of offers.. use metro for travel instead of taxi.. this sites can cut ur price more than half of it.. 40 usd for desert safari, food, cultural dance..is good option for people who visits dubai

Budakcikeris Cikeris says:

Before and after Dubai more awesome

Bhupat Kanabar says:

Come to Oman much cheaper

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