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Gwenchii ベア says:

omg i luv u guys

Jeffrey Ballares says:

this is funny! hahaha! i was shocked at first when you said you stole those things!

권기석 says:

겁나 개념없는 흑인이네
Oh god!!

Monita Rinjani says:

Why stealing?

KIZMO says:

Spongi the dog from Simon and Martina in the Fridge part 😻

Wandering Wonderer says:

Haha! You guys should travel to more places. Check out the Thriver website to get some help. 😉

ToShi Star says:

omg. it's one of those horrible 90's instructional/informational vidoes XD

Susanna Tahvanainen says:

omg! Now I have to travel to Seoul and apply all of these tips

G33Word says:

Y'all are killing me with this!😂
Santa and a decapitated dog. That's weird as fuck y'all!

jotoenatehaaen says:

Licked, favourited AND subscribered!

Alison Smith says:

So wrong that it's right! This was amazing!

wyliem says:

thanks for the laughs. can't believe ity's been a whole year since I was in Korea 🙁

PerfectlySenseless says:

omg, this is legit the best thing i've seen on youtube today xD. I literally snorted during the convenience store part. This is the content i came for

it is awkward says:

it is hilarious!

BethStar11 says:

Stealing soya milk like a badass.

Benja Storie says:

Damn, I was really hoping to learn ways to save money for a trip to Seoul. I guess I'll go to China then.

Cassie Casper 캐시 캐스퍼 says:

hahaha this is gold.

MyKoreanHusband says:

lol for half a second I thought this would be serious…. should have known better.

55bingley says:

Best video yet!
Teagan makes a fine captive

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