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HOW TO TRAVEL CHEAP IN NORWAY | Norway on a budget

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How to travel cheap in Norway. In this video I concretely show you how I travel on a low budget in a super expensive country such as Norway. I explain to you how I research the cheapest options when it comes to transportation and especially food. You will be able to travel extra cheap even in very expensive countries if you follow my tips, just as I do all the time!

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taffelost says:

Now that's a beautiful woman! Italian? <3

Alexia Vires says:

I want your accent!!! Also WHY IS NORWAY SO EXPENCIVE!? Så dyrt, jeg studerer norsk!!!

Jazmin j says:

I'm literally binge-watching all your videos lol. I'm so jealous I wish I had done this earlier on in my life and now I have so many commitments and it's a bit harder to do it for me too. But you're right about it not having to cost so much money! I subscribed! Thanks for sharing the info! 2

Izem Abdel says:

your video contains practical tips on how to travel on a budget.Can you please name the super market you went shopping in ?

jabbard gilstrap says:

Eat then drop that duece

Balram Jakhar says:

I'm Indian love ur videos but I don't like your YouTube channel name ,should change

Hafid Hacini says:

Hi Mary I like your videos ❤️ i was wondering if you allowed to use the kitchen in couchsurfing

Raju ghosh Bahrain says:

Where have you come from

King Kenny says:

My dream destination that I’ve never been to is New Zealand 🇳🇿 I have been to Norway 🇳🇴 and hired a car to travel the western fjords. I would recommend an Air BnB that has kitchen facilities so you can shop at a Supermarket 🛒 Norway is very expensive but like you have shown can be done on a budget. Bergen is a beautiful city. Enjoy New York 😊 Great city.

CarlieB says:

Going to travel Norway myself this year, so glad I’ve found this video!! Cheers:)

Laurentiu Trifan says:

Love your smile … after you said … that a sandwich there … costs 10 euros 🙂

John Ezemaduka says:

would like to visit here soon

Lance Tay says:

thanks for this, really helpful to give an idea of how to save! going to norway for a work-related trip

Bob's TV says:

Hi beautiful ❤

Andi Jones says:

I'm leaving the UK for Tromso this week for my 50th birthday. I can't wait!! Thank you so much for this amazing advice 🙂

Sup Yekta says:

Wow, going Norway in February and was in toronto 3 weeks ago. I'm only 18 but I am travelling with the little money I save up here n there. So glad I found your channel

GravureBoobies says:

Hi i am your friendly neighbour Spiderman


Where are you from?

Benyamin Al says:

How much did it cost to stay in accommodation per night?

Vega Vega says:

Norway has alot of ''Coop'' and ''Xtra/Extra'' products which are cheaper alternatives than the regular marketing brands of food products.

Marcos Macias says:

Ven a Sudamerica…

Suzy B says:

Hi MaryJane. Love your vids. Can I ask what you do for your work? Enjoy your trip 🙂 x

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