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How to Travel Cheap | Cheap Flights and Best Travel Budget Tips

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I get a lot of questions about how I traveled the world for a year on $30 a day (including flights, visas, etc) so I broke down the two main things you need to be able to travel the world on the cheap.

This video is about how to save thousands of dollars on flights and travel.


T King says:

You talked about staying with locals. How did you start doing that?

Kellie Chasity says:

Thank you for sharing ☺️

kimbery16669 says:

just found you and almost watched every video 😂 love your channel! Like you answered every question I was asking myself for traveling

Dat Do says:

Loving the videos and more importantly the passion! It is inspiring me to travel so much more

Kate Pdm says:

Hello, im going on a RTW trip working online at the same time. Do you have any info on whether it is possible to obtain ''difficult'' visas when in foreign countries as a tourist? I'll need to obtain my Russian visa from China. Ive asked around embassies and no info on Russia yet. Also, what camera and backpack (preferably with wheels) would you recommend? Thanks so much for your answer.

The Minimalist Ninja says:

I loved this! Skyscanner is so neat! the "cheapest month" feature is my favorite one!

Rita Serraa says:

You seriously have the best channel for travel.. love it .. so down to earth and so relateable… thanks for sharing this info

TheVanRide says:

This is a great edit!
You may also be Interested in our new vanlife video blog series. Two people and a dog travelling Europe Mountain biking and Hiking.

Rick Guerrero says:

I'm taking a leave of absence for 3 months starting this Sept! I'm going through Europe. Obviously not the cheapest destination but I know a few people over there which should help with accommodations for a least some of my trip. How much do you think backpacking for 3 months would cost in Europe. PS Love your channel, definitely encouraged me to take this trip! so thank you!

Jeanne a says:

aaah so excited for the vlogs coming up! And also, amazing video and congrats on your test!

gelul12 says:

so wanna travel cheap ? just avoid europe.

MarrVan Go says:

lolol I thought you forgot to make this video I was getting worried. Hahahaha, but thanks, makes sense! 12K Really sin't a lot to save, specially if you start smaller at 5k. Thanks! Feel free to marry me and be mines forever Lindsay! See ya.

Andrew Li says:

You're awesome, I love skyscanner!

Philip Buckley says:

skyscanner…nah…same as kayak.com

Grass Puppy says:

Great video. Very inform.

Nicole Lynn says:

Very helpful! Thank you! 🙂

Katrina Van Grouw says:

Your channel is one of the most informative, fun but also wise channels on Youtube. Love your videos and your personality.

MyLifeAsLouis says:

Skyscanner is my top favourite travel app after Expedia!
Anyways, what kind of bike are you getting? Is it like a performance bike or a vespa? 😂

alteredillusions100 says:

Great video! Good energy, stay safe 🙂

Jacob Brodnansky says:

Your videos are great encouragement for me to travel! You rock!

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