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How to Travel Cheap and Comfortably

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17 tips, tricks and hacks to travel inexpensively and comfortably. After watching this video you’ll know how I afford to travel to all the destinations you see on my channel. I’ll start with tips for using miles and points, credit cards, cheap hotels, cheap flights, and general cheap travel tips. —– EXPAND THE DESCRIPTION FOR FULL TABLE OF CONTENTS —–

1. Airline Miles & Hotel Points

2.Credit Card Signup Bonuses and Spend Bonus + Shopping Portals

3. No Foreign Transaction Fee Credit Cards and ATM Cards

4. Hotel Credit Cards for Hotel Status
Free Breakfast with Hilton Gold

5. Airline Credit Cards to waive baggage fees
Or Carry-on

6. Check the “fees” associated with airline tickets
That $19 Fare may be too good to be true

7. Traveling in shoulder season

8. Book in advance (Particularly flying Southwest)
Use Kayak.com for price graph
Be aware of air fare sales

9. Hotel Discount Codes (AAA, Senior, Corporate, etc)

10. Hotel meal packages

11. Booking outside the American chain hotels

12. Wireless hotspot on cell phone to avoid wireless internet fees

13. Booking rental cars from Costco Travel

14. Walk and take public transit

15. Rail Passes
But not all travel passes are a good deal

16. Eating Cheaply
Avoid the mini bar and room service
In Japan eat at 7-11 alot!

17. Avoiding Alcohol & Bottled Water

Sometime during Comic Con July 20-23
July 31, 2017 @ 8PM Los Angeles Time

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Bac Si Dre says:

Doesnt having a lot of credit cards ruin your credit score?

Anneken Me says:

Hi. Love your channel. Have you ever thought about visiting Estonia? It's a great destination in the summer.

Melanie R. says:

I discovered your chanel with your videos about L.A. and love them!, thank you for your helpfull informatio it's helping me a lot to plan my (hopefully) trip to L.A. next year. 😀

Jake.Barker says:

have you been to the ark encouter and the creation musem in northen ky you sould check it out.

ozzycarnut says:

some great tips here chris, thank you. regarding 'churning' credit cards, here in australia its a bit harder to do, as it affects your credit score every time you apply. just something to think about for folks thinking about a home loan. i know that the states are more generous in their points return and perhaps a bit more lax home loan application processes. tip 3, excellent tip, this is exactly what i do when i travel. tip 11, i agree, i am not sure that its worth all the hassle for elite hilton/marriot status, as you are locked in to their properties, so you dont get to experience the local boutique (perhaps superior) properties in that given location.

The Traveling Breeze says:

Great information

Aloha State of Mind says:

At 36:01 is the best question.

Kimberly H says:

My kind of video!

Also, I have a random question! You said you got Topher at the San Diego Zoo in a previous video, was he wearing a red shirt that says San Diego zoo? I only ask because I have one of those. Lol

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